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  1. Leaves?

    Do you rake them?
    If so, what do you do with them?


  2. Jump in them!

    No, I just throw them in the compost bin.
  3. Oh, good for you, Don!
    We almost live in a woods so there is no point in raking!
    It looks the same the next day!
    I see some neighbors raking daily and I figure they must enjoy it because it doesn't make a difference!

  4. We have seven maple trees on the property. These leaves are moved by our leaf blower to the terrace area next to the street and are vacuumed up by a large city truck. It is unlawful in our community to just let them lay on the ground. They MUST be placed near the curbing for collection during a certain time limit or the city rakes the yard and the owner has the yearly tax bill increased by $350.00
  5. No kidding!
    My son raked a few days ago......
    He did it to be nice.
    A sudden gust of wind came and scattered them everywhere!!!
    You would had never guessed he worked almost 2 hours!

    I love the leaves on the ground,
    I think they are a beautiful part of nature!

    Don't you feel funny about the fact that someone can dictate to you about a natural phenomenon in your own yard!?!

  6. No, not at all. The city has certain standards to maintain and it is the responsibility of every conciencious citizen and property owner to make certain that their property is maintained to those standards. It was placed into effect mainly for the 'landlords' who don't care about their properties, to tow-the-line and FORCE them to clean up things. The leaf ordinance is only a small part of the full text of the law. It allows our community to be a picture of beauty and a nice place to live.
  7. I see, but as far as leaves go......
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  8. I'd do anything to have leaves!:(

    I live in the high desert. When I moved into my house five years ago, I tried planting trees...but they died. Nothing will grow out here but weeds and rocks (seems like the rocks really do grow).

    Oh, to have a tree...I'd climb it, build a treehouse, rake its leaves every day. *sigh*

  9. I send you the ones that fall in my pool!- LOL!
  10. Whirlwind.... I see you do have a problem. Then you can come to my place a rake.... Tee Hee.

    Actually the front gets done by the landscapers and I just rake the back out my gate and they pick it up so it's not too bad. It's the snow that I don't like to have to shovel.
  11. [​IMG]

    Whirlwind.... Here's some leaves for you. You can come to my house and rake. I would be happy to let you do that.
  12. God's artwork!!!
  13. Violet you took the words right out of my mouth. The Lord is truly an artist!:)
  14. Amen!!! :)
  15. :DI will rake them here or there, I will rake them anywhere!:D

    If you would like to send me leaves, go for it! I'll spill them all around my lawn and the neighbors will wonder where the heck I got them, he he he.

    I love the fall so much! I love traveling over Mt. Hood just to look at the different paints God used this year. Glorious...
  16. You know they sell real preserved leaves that last forever.
    I'd make a garland of them for my doorway if I were you!
    Or a wreath.

    Hang it here, hang it there, you can hang it anywhere! :) :p

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