Learning Language Using The Bible

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  1. Trying to learn another language. Anyone else use the bible to learn another language, or have tips for learning efficiently?
  2. Immersion! It's the only way. I started by watching movies I've already seen so I know what's going on. Watch a movie with that subtitle on the language you want. It's a start. Understand how it is you think. When I say house you see a house. Train your mind to see a house when you say/hear/read casa in Spanish, or whatever language you want.
  3. So using some type of flash card that has a picture will be helpful. Nice! I'll definitely include that in my learning tactics. What languages have you learned?
  4. Italian and Spanish. I can read French but I can't listen or speak it. I can understand Portuguese though because they're all Latin-based languages. I can read the Hebrew letters and about two-dozen words, but I'm still learning them :)
  5. Wow, really nice. I have Rosetta stone for Spanish, and Hebrew. I have taken 4 years of Russian in school, and right now I am studying Romanian.

    They say you only need to know a few hundred words of any given language, to be able to speak it enough to have a basic conversation. If that is the case, maybe I will be able to speak it in another month or so.
  6. Awesome! Romanian is also Latin-based so you'll see Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese too :) I tried Rosetta stone for French and I didn't do so well - glad my office gave it to me and I didn't have to pay for it :) I tried Arabic when I lived in Bahrain, but my Spanish kept coming out! LOL!
  7. I think Rosetta Stone is actually not great for learning languages. It's a good starting point, but not if someone is trying to be fluent in a language. Arabic seems like a hard one!
  8. Other than the letters, it's very close to Hebrew is spelling and pronunciation. I learned a lot about what they believe (Islam) which is really amazing and opened a lot of understanding for me about the end times. Their eschatology is a mirror of ours. Anyhow, that's another thread :)
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  9. I like Google Translate: I write something in English, it gives me the phonetics in a chosen language...but many offer only the sound and not the phonetic spelling.
  10. GT does a terrible job... use it sparingly if at all.
  11. I use ivona.com sometimes. It's not a bad tool if you want to know how to pronounce something properly in another language.
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    Granted, it's terrible on some languages...especially for me because I like to "read" what I'm hearing. But I think it suits me fine: I would never use what I learned there in a formal setting: maybe just a few words to impress a dignitary:cool:...like, "Yes, I believe the equation is quite correct: ein, zwei, drei, vier, funf.."
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