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Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by TubbyTubby, Mar 20, 2014.

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  1. Sorry - that won't wash - I have read all you posted. Unlike many, I read a thread from stem to stern, always - sometimes (many times actually) rereading my own and other's posts to be more assured. I have not ever tried to hit a negative but I did once 10 times on a person who started with me - I prayed and removed my disagrees altho I did not now agree. Did the christian saint remove mine? No. But they didn't like it and demanded it be removed on another thread. As you posted there, maybe you will remember = or maybe you both don't like being disagreed with. That's a pity.
  2. Who has the chosen dogma?
  3. What scripture do you have that "sons of God" is not angels, fallen or otherwise (at the time)
  4. Silk, you and Abdicate seem committed to derailing this study.
    If you want to chase red herrings why not do so on the other thread?? I will not be drawn any further off course in this thread,
  5. HA! Look in the mirror dude. You reject the scriptures and attack me by saying I have something in common with an atheist!? Wow. The true colors come out.
  6. Only those that reject the truth would say such a thing... I'm done on this subject. Believe whatever you want.
  7. Sounds like you Calvin and if I am drawing anyone off course after pages with no posts from me, I apologize but I don't consider what I have posted as off Genesis but than your link which took me an hour to sort out? What was that? If I'm not mistaken, "sons of God IS in genesis and I find it important and worth discussing. And I DO NOT appreciate being told I can't discuss Genesis when we are finally discussing Genesis. I don't care who started the thread, I come here to learn and I value truth - I do not value arguing with another believer but I value truth first.
  8. AMEN!!
  9. Seriously guys? MOVE ON. Move the topic on and stop bickering or the topic disappears.
  10. Obviously, I'm not clear Ban - how am I bickering? I want to discuss not be mocked. And if I disagree with someone, why should I "move on"?
  11. As you wish.
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