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  1. As I was in class my professor touched upon the subject of kindness.. We read poems and discussed..but she analyzed it in a way I couldn't.

    Currently I feel caught up in my own life issues that her explanation just blew my mind.

    A drastic example she used was: " what if you won the lottery ...but as quickly as it came..lost it and what you had too(everything in the bank,house ECT.) and only had a dollar to your name. What if you bought an apple pie with that dollar and to your left was a homeless man...would you keep the apple pie for yourself or give him half of what you have?"

    As she said that , in my mind I thought..that's really too much..but life can be tragic like that...

    I also thought after those series of events...a person would be extremely bitter..and may even curse the homeless man out...

    My professor later explained that its easy to be kind when you have alot or content...but when things are taken away..even your bare necessities are taken and you still have the heart to give the only shirt on your back to someone else lies true kindness...

    Basically how can you know what's in you unless you've been tested? Another example she gave was a a village populated with people who were always honest..and one day a shady man comes in and changes that. Some people were lying and cheating ECT....but there were those who didnt..

    Those who didnt lie ,before and after that man. Came into their village were the real honest people....

    So Its like you don know how kind you are unless you're at your very last ..and still have the heart to give...that's true kindness.

    I said that lengthy paragraph to say this...

    When she said that..i made me think of my aunt, how bitter I've become, my living situation ,even my hair loss... And a prayer I prayed not too long ago , asking why am I going through this?

    And I felt this was my answer... Despite how messed up my aunt was.. Will I still be kind, despite my situation will I still be kind? ... Despite hair loss will I still be kind?

    I feel maybe this was the test..and my answer... It all clicked in that moment ..and made sense.... It made me tear up.. Listening to my professor and how.. Cynical I've become. ...

    But now I can be better..
    I had to share this BC it was so revealing :)

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. Pancakes thank you for sharing this testimony with us. If we listen, God can speak to us throught situations like this.

    Now what's even more important in this....
    What will Pancakes do with this insight?
    That's the test....or where the rubber meets the road.

    I would bet my only dollar on You !!
    God Bless you sis
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  3. Haha lol that's what I was thinking off in class.. How am I gonna put this in action.?

    Just to not be eo cynical and be sweet to everyone despite my circumstances.
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  4. Big grin, ya know God has been trying to get believers to walk that way all along. He calls it walking in Love and walking in the joy of the Lord.

    Once a person begins to grow in this area, well life changes and God moves more and pulls you up to a new level in Him.

    Way to go sister!! Like I said I am betting on you !!
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  5. I'm so very happy for you!! You know that this was going to happen because of your other event. :D Praise the Lord!
  6. What other event?
  7. Yeah I am now realizing from this..well my professor...is that people really are in your life as a lesson or a blessing....

    Both people you learn from...one what not to do the other what to emulate...

    Its all making sense now.
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  8. The dream.
  9. Lol I forgot.
  10. Don't forget! It's a very important first step. You need to remember so you can put the lies of the devil in their place - in hell. Remember the battle is in the mind.

    For months, maybe years, I know the Lord's been talking to me in dreams and like clockwork, I'd wake up and seconds later they'd be stolen. I kept waking up every night between 4 and 4:45 am. Finally one word stuck: resurrection. I can't say I heard it audibly, but it made it through the thieves last night - err... this morning. There is a key to my battles (and we ALL have them) and the answer is found in the resurrection. Now I have to study and allow the Holy Spirit to spell it out for me. Hold onto them. I have a book of dreams I've written down - just in case my electronic copies get lost. They are for me. Remember them Pancakes. Remember them.
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  11. Case in point:

    After Jesus had heard that John the baptist had been beheaded whom he called the greatest of all men who have been born of women, He took all of his Apostles into a certain desert place, and knowing all the people would follow him there, he healed all that needed healing.

    Jesus overcame evil with good, as it is written....

    Rom 12:21.. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

    Luke 9:9.. And Herod said, John have I beheaded: but who is this, of whom I hear such things? And he desired to see him.
    Luke 9:10.. And the apostles, when they were returned, told him all that they had done. And he took them, and went aside privately into a desert place belonging to the city called Bethsaida.
    Luke 9:11.. And the people, when they knew it, followed him: and he received them, and spake unto them of the kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing.
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  12. Lol I know my memory is crummy... That's why I post it here

    But yah important dreams I write down as well .,..i had to go back to it.. The one I think youre talking about , that one was just god wanting me to trust and believe in him more..

    This,incident was just the lord answering my prayer as to why all this is happening.
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  13. Right right so trueeeee.
  14. Sometimes when The Holy Spirit cannot get our attention any other way He will use something we will never have expected. But the point is that He Will move heaven and earth to speak to us. And the wonderful thing is that you have heard Him and are contemplating your next move.

    Something else to decide is how much is your focus going to change? Are you going to keep all your thoughts on you and your situation or God and His Word, and what He can do to change your situation. What changes does He want you to make?

    Thank you for sharing what happened today! It is an encouragement to us all! And a good reminder to always be on the lookout for what God is trying to say to us.

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  15. watch the movie: "The Gods Must Be Crazy"
    It only took one coke bottle to destroy a village...
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  16. Hahahahahah lololol lol with drugs all you need is one time
  17. That's a great question to ask... " what changes does he want me to make"
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  18. No not coke from Columbia!! An empty Coca Cola bottle, destroyed the peace and equilibrium of the village.

    A must see movie - "The Gods Must Be Crazy" - the best send up of modern materialistic society.
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  19. Lolol hahahah my mind went far south xD how did coke cocola mess up the village..did they become more materialistic?
  20. Go and watch the movie - you'll love it.
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