Lazarus and the Rich

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  1. Lazarus and the Rich

    There was a rich man
    clothed in purple linen.
    Who fared sumptuously daily

    and had many women.

    And there was a certain beggar named

    Lazarus which laid at his gate full of sores.
    But the rich man was deaf to his
    beseeches and implores.

    It came to pass that the beggar died
    and was carried by angels to Abraham’s bosom.
    When the rich man died too,
    he was dragged to Satan’s chasm.

    And in hell he lifted up his eyes
    and saw Abraham and Lazarus
    “Send Lazarus with a drink to cool
    my lips from fires hot and hazardous.”

    Son, remember his torturous
    life while you had pleasure.
    Now you shall feel his plight,
    while his reward is leisure.

    And beside all this, between us and you
    there is a great gulf fixed:
    One cannot pass between the two realms
    there is no bridge betwixt.

    I pray therefore that he be sent to my
    Father’s house to explain my torment.
    For I have five brethren; that he may testify
    unto them that they might repent.

    They have Moses and the
    prophets from which to learn.
    But if one went unto them from
    the dead, then they would turn.

    If they hear not Moses nor the prophets,
    neither will they be persuaded
    Though one should rise from the dead.
    Their ignorant pride is so elevated.


    There was a certain rich man,
    which had an accounting steward;
    Who embezzling from his Master
    and acting generally untoward.

    His Master called him,
    Do you not think I would discover.
    Give me now a full account,
    for I intend to recover.

    The cunning steward thought I cannot
    dig or beg – I’m a man of letters.
    So he altered all the accounts
    in favor of the Master’s debtors.

    Writing off receivables
    by twenty to fifty percent.
    To earn their later favors
    and general consent.

    And in the end though his master
    found and respected this fraud
    He applauded the steward’s cunning,
    for the children of this world know not God.

    Therefore, do honestly with the mammon
    of the unrighteous in powerful stations.
    That, even if ye fail you will be received
    into everlasting habitations.

    He that is good and faithful in that which
    is least is faithful also in much
    And he that is unjust in
    the least is unjust also in much.

    If therefore ye have not been faithful with
    the mammon of those big britches,
    Who will commit to your trust
    the true and holy riches?

    And if ye have not been
    a good and trusty fiduciary.
    Who will give you that
    which is your own to carry?

    No servant can serve two masters
    that is to say both God and Greed
    For you will lose one and
    love the other guaranteed.

    It is impossible but that
    offences will come hence.
    But woe unto him who
    leads others into offence.

    It would be better for him if a
    millstone around his neck was tied,
    Than to offend a little child; and be cast
    into the sea so deep and wide.

    Take heed, If thy brother trespasses
    against thee, rebuke him;
    If he repents, forgive him, even
    seven times a day (though you may want to nuke him.)

    But which of you, having a servant
    working in the field, will offer on occasion
    When he is come from the field,
    “Come and sit down and eat – Let’s have a conversation.”

    Or will you rather say unto him, Make ready
    dinner and serve me mine.
    Gird thyself, and serve me, till I have
    eaten and only then you can dine.


    Lord, Lazarus of
    Bethany is very sick.
    Mary and Martha have sent
    me to fetch you quick.

    He is so ill, on his
    death bed he is stricken
    I shall abide here two days
    and then I shall quicken.

    And he stayed and worked
    there two more days:
    Let us go again to
    Judea upon the morrow’s rays.

    Master, the Jews wish to stone you,
    and you return there again?
    Are there not 12 hours before
    the light and day doth wane?

    He stumbleth not if
    any man walk in the day,
    Because he seeth the light of this
    world as a warm golden sunray.

    If a man walks in the day,
    he doesn’t trip, for he has the light.
    But he does trip, for he has no
    inner light, when the day turns to night.

    Our friend Lazarus is
    sleeping now – I go to awaken him.
    Then he’ll be fine on his own, Lord.
    No, Listen, Death hath taken him.

    I am glad I wasn’t there,
    for now you shall know what is true.
    Come let us all go, said Thomas,
    that we may die with him too.

    And when they arrived they
    found a great mourning wake.
    And Martha came out to meet them
    with the sad news to break.

    He has been dead now these four days.
    My brother whom you so cherished.
    Jesus, if you had only been here
    he never would have perished.

    But even now, I know that
    whatever you ask, you obtain…
    Martha, believe me when
    I say your brother will rise again.

    I know that I will see him on
    the final day, we shall have divine protection.
    Martha, hear me now…
    ...I Am the resurrection.

    He that believeth in me,
    though dead, yet he will live.
    Whoever liveth and believeth
    in me, eternal life I give.

    Martha, Do you believe?
    Yea, Lord: I believe the Christ art thou.
    The Son of God which should
    come into the world, blessed are we now.

    The Master is come,
    and calleth now for thee, Mary
    As soon as Mary heard that,
    she arose quickly, and didn’t tarry.

    Now Jesus had not yet come into the town,
    but was in the place where Martha had come.
    The Jews which were comforting her
    in the house making a somber and piteous hum.

    When they saw Mary going out hastily,
    they followed her saying, she goes to the grave to weep
    When she found Jesus she fell down
    at his feet, as to a Shepherd by his sheep.

    Lord, if thou hadst been here,
    well would ye have made him.
    Ohhh, Mary, Mary…
    Where have ye laid him?

    Lord, come and see
    where his body is kept.
    And then Jesus wept.

    Behold how he loved him! But this
    man opened the eyes of the blind,
    Could he not also the
    shrouds of death unwind?

    Jesus therefore again groaning
    in himself cometh to the grave.
    Jesus said, Take ye away
    the stone from the front of the cave.

    Lord, by this time he stinketh:
    for he hath been dead four whole days.
    Martha, Said I not unto ye, that
    you’d believe, you will see God’s glorious rays.

    Father, I thank you, for you hear me
    from the South and East to West and North.
    That they may believe that thou hast sent me
    ….Lazarus, come forth! ! !

    And he that was dead walked
    from the grave, with grave cloths wound.
    Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, let him go.
    For he had freed him whom death had bound.

    Then many of the Jews
    believed which came to Mary.
    But some of them went to the

    Pharisees for they were still wary.
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