laws of Jesus

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  1. laws of Jesus

    love the Lord with all your heart mind and unto others as you would have done to by the sword die by the sword etc.oppress the poor,ditto.oppress christians,ditto.all are judged on this law.
  2. Phew, it sounds as if his commands include loving God and oppressing Christians!

    Sounds fun.
  3. christians follow these ,rules.or should do.
  4. So is this a bible study?
  5. no Jesus truth.
  6. Mike you are not saying we are to oppress Christians are you?
  7. no.pointing out what happens to people who oppress christians,they get opressed.
  8. So true. When someone wrongs me I have to stop immedaitely and pray for them as my Father is very protective of me.
  9. Love your enemies
  10. Exactly what I was saying.:)
  11. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood (Eph.6:12)
  12. Love one another.

    This is hard. When my aunt stole my car and all of my electronic equipment out of the trunk, I was so angry! I wanted to find her and punish her!:mad:

    My heart told me to love and forgive; just as I'd want to be forgiven for my sins. But this was soooo hard! Oh, man!

    I had to keep on repeating to myself: Forgive her. Love her. If someone steals your shirt, give him your cloak as well. If someone strikes you, give him the other cheek to strike as well. Be good. Practice what you've learned!

    I was still angry.:mad: I wanted to take my aunt to court. She stole a GPS unit, a pocket PC, a digital recorder, everything I used for work. I wanted her to pay!

    But I didn't. Instead, when I saw her again, I walked up to her and I gave her a hug and a kiss.

    That look on her face...I'll never forget it! That look on her face showed me that she was more hurt by that hug and that kiss than she would have been if I had taken her to court. In my heart, I forgave her. In my heart, I love her today.

    Granted, I'll never trust her with my car keys again. But that look on her face is going to stay with me said: I don't deserve to be forgiven. Why are you doing this?

    One day, I hope to see my Jesus in heaven and have that same look on my own face while he hugs and kisses me!:eek:
  13. if you don,t correct the wrong,how do they know?forgive is one thing and forget is another ,but not to preach God,s word is wrong.stop being chicken.
  14. *buk-buk?*:)
  15. I love this story!!!
    Didn't you give her the wires she forgot to steal????
  16. very diffrent case to being on the street,tell people the truth.
  17. The cables and such - yeah. Sometimes when I think back on it, that old fire starts burning again...I start to get angry. Then I remember: no wait! I forgave her a long time ago. It's done with, over.

    God truly is wonderful, in that he can give us the ability to forgive one another.:eek:
  18. your a helper,not a smug person.we help ,not a satan moron.

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