Law and Grace

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  1. Law and Grace

    The law of God reveals sin; the grace of God forgives sin. The law of God indicates man's problem; the grace of God provides God's remedy. The law of God demands performance by man; the grace of God offers provision from God.
    The law of God is the standard; the grace of God is the means. The law of God is the spiritual measuring rod that evaluates lives; the grace of God is the nurturing resource that produces spiritual life. The law of God tells us of the character of God; the grace of God reproduces that character in us. The law of God is the effect God wants to see; the grace of God is the cause that brings forth that effect.

    Bob Hoekstra
  2. Thank you, Bro. Larry~

  3. So, it's kinda like what I used to think of God before I ever knew Him. I always thought of Him as mean and strict and unforgiving, until I learned about Jesus, who was the one who could communicate to God, his Father, what we needed. But now, understanding the Trinity, I am beginning to see what the Law is all about. It is like a measure to show us God's character, where His grace shows us the possibilities that with the third person (the Holy Spirit who lives in us), we can attain righteous?

    I can't really interpret what I learned, but the way you and the other guy say it really put it in perspective. The law is to show us the impossibility of ever attaining righteous, where the Grace of God shows that it is not impossible. The only work that is involved on our part is to be constantly searching for more of Him by praying and reading his Word and getting to know Him better. Right?
  4. Amen sis you are very wise indeed!!!!:D
  5. The law is not the standard, it is bare minimum for us as Christians. We must strive to follow the law and the Ten Commandments, yes, but we must serve God totally. Jesus neatly summarized the law in two commandments:

    1. Love the Lord with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul

    2. Love your neighbor as yourself

    We can always do better. We must always do better. We aren't just sellling ourselves short when we say, "Well, I'm Christian enough," we are cheating all those around us who we are obliged as Christians to help. And what will happen to those of us who see the poor and hungry at our door, and send them away empty-handed? When we stand before the Almighty Judge, will we be placed among the sheep or the goats?(Matthew 25:31-46)

    Please excuse me, I just needed to get that off my chest. I'm sorry if I've misinterpreted the original message, just wanted to say my piece.:eek:

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