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    Just saw this. What do you guys think? My opinion is this. Welcoming gays into Church is totally different from accepting their lifestyle within Church! Every sinner is most welcome into the Church.. Because that is the place where they can meet with truth.. And identify the cure for their sin. A gay should be welcomed into a Church as much as I am or others in this forum is welcomed. At the same time, it is not to accept their lifestyle.
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  2. I'm thinking mods will close this thread because the gay topic is off limits. With saying that I agree with you 100%.
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  3. Hopefully we won't have any reason to close this thread down.

    To begin, MSNBC has once again mistranslated what is happening at the Synod. It isn't a council -- it's a meeting of bishops spitballing what is currently being reviewed by laymen and so it is a way to figure out how to re-address family values within the Church. They will report on the tidbits, but they headline-bait with statements like "The Pope OK's Homosexuality within the Church" or "Vatican: Can We Accept Gays?"

    ...That said, there are many crooked bishops who are taking advantage of the Synod to try and change Church teaching on homosexuality, divorce, etc.

    The Church has never turned homosexuals away, but they have never looked at homosexual as anything less than a sin, and the Church doesn't have the authority to change that either, so bishops who want to are going against what they were ordained to do.

    Pope Francis, however, has been horrible when speaking as he does it so often off the cuff. Each time he speaks off the cuff, he seems to say something so unclear in regards to controversy that so many priests are left having to clean up the mess -- which is why many priests aren't as fond of him as they were with JP II or Benedict XVI. And I agree with them, Pope Francis often makes statements leaving people confused and misdirects them. This is why the Vatican almost always has to release an explanation a few days after his comments (but of course no one reads that nor does the media report them). I've been extremely disappointed with Pope Francis in the way he speaks because with today's culture really pushing for immoral changes, we especially need a direct, clear speaker who isn't afraid to say precisely what he means...I'm not sure Pope Francis is good with doing that. And not every priest will try to clarify -- some may even take the bait themselves...many do *cough* Timothy Dolan *cough cough*
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  4. It's one thing to accept sinners as who they are....
    It's another thing completely to advocate for their sin....
    From what I have seen, nothing in the Pope's statements includes any advocacy of participation in sin - homosexuality or otherwise...

    On Lysander's point - I have read several of those press releases, and it's obvious that the Newsies are simply trying to sling a juicy headline....
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  5. The media do a wonderful job of butchering the truth.

    There was a popular joke back when John Paul was younger:

    The Pope was out at the beach when the winds picked up and blew his hat off into the ocean.
    He quickly ran out upon the waters and grabbed his hat, put it on, and walked back upon the waters to the shore.
    Next day's newspaper headlines "Pope can't swim".
  6. And I agree with you and Rav.
  7. mean he didn't walk on the water back to the shore????
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  8. Major, you need to get your glasses checked - "and walked back upon the waters to the shore."
  9. Article after article in the news are meant to chip away at public opinion. When you ask most journalist students why they want to be a journalist, they say, "Because I want to change the world."
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  10. It's true. The only new sources I genuinely trust are independent news sources.
  11. I know that Glo, I saw was a funny, you know, LOL!

    Everything does not have to be serious ya know.
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  12. Amen!

    And if they can not find any news, they make it up!
  13. The synod, as I have understood it is a revaluation of pastoral approaches within the church, which is wholly different than doctrinal reevaluation which is often times impossible or at least very difficult. I'm not sure, but I don't believe anything up for discussion is dogmatic.

    Anyways, while the media has been hyperbolic, the statements from the Synod have asserted a much different tone than what has come from the Vatican in the past. And all of it is dealing with Church discipline, not on doctrine. I think all their statements were fair.
  14. For the most part you are right. The Church's teaching on homosexuality leans toward doctrine rather than dogma, but if it is doctrinal, you're likely to find it won't change as it often ties into dogma. It's definitely not discipline. But you pretty much got it right.

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