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  1. About a month ago I had such a pull to make my way straight and repent of my worldly ways... The thing is, it isn't just me who feeling this way. Doesn't it say there will be a great out pouring before the great tribulation. I am being watchful and I see the signs and the evil in this world. I see the signs in heaven and on earth.

    The words of the Bible have never been so clear. The antichrist is in the temple speaking blasphemies. The peace treaty is close. The flame has already started in the Middle East and will spread the chaos around the world. This hasn't been seen since the days of Noah. How could I have been so blind.? Get ready, check yourself. Repent for the Day of the Lord is at hand. I see the harlot. People that are in her repent before it is too late.

    In Jesus name I pray.
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  2. I feel the same way, and see the same danger signs. But too many believers are looking at the harlot...and her daughters are not as easy to spot. When the scriptures say, "Come out of her, my people...", it is also referring to come out of her daughters!
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  3. I feel in constant mourning and sadness knowing that the great day is coming. That many drink of the cup of the Harlot. Blind and confused. I find it ironic, the group known as Genesis has a song called "Land of Confusion". Yet no one knows that this is the meaning to the word Babylon. Just like in the time of Jeremiah, so will be on the whole earth. I lament, and groan for the lost and pray that the lord my open the eyes of my loved ones. I have a son who doesn't believe. My daughters are the same way. I ask for prayers that the Lord opens their eyes. I have always been watchful.
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  4. I'm right there with you. My family members are not saved either.
  5. The most powerful thing you can do for the unbelievers you know is to be so filled with God's Spirit, so filled with his love and joy so changed by a new commitment to submitting to God's ways that they will see such a difference in you they will have to know that it is an act of God. This only occurs by faith. If you fear you will seem to them just as the world is and that will give them evidence to not believe. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." If you are in fear you are not walking in God's Spirit. If you are in faith believing God will work through you to bring people to salvation, he will give you opportunity and the words to lead that person to him.

    Know that every believer is more powerful than all evil combined. In God there is protection, strength, wisdom, love, and joy.
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    There's no argument against being filled with God's Spirit: but if a person does not walk in the Spirit, are they under condemnation? Maybe I misread that.
  7. If someone is saved they have the Holy Spirit indwelling in them. Ephesians 1:13 says, "And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit." So, a saved person has the Holy Spirit indwelling them, but they will suffer more because they are willingly giving themselves to sin (whatsoever is not of faith is sin: Romans 14:23). When walking in the flesh (the old creation) the person is a lot less effective in spreading the Gospel. Even though they may be a good example and may say what they have learned from Christ, they will not have these things combined with God's power and words working through them. They will be using their own words to convince the unbeliever. Nevertheless, God will even use unbelievers to spread his gospel because he will have the Holy Spirit prompt people to accept and believe the message for it is the voice of the Holy Spirit that convinces the person. For example, the unsaved person can quote bible verses about the gospel in a derogatory manner meaning to turn someone away from believing, yet God willuse the Holy Spirit to convince the unbeliever of the truth of the verses, apart from the one speaking, and they will still get saved. A believer walking in the flesh (spreading the gospel only because they are commanded to, not because they have a deep desire and love from the Holy Spirit compelling them) is much like the unbeliever when spreading the gospel, yet often with more enthusiasm behind it.

    The one walking in the Spirit however suffers less in the world because they are not living from the world, but from the kingdom of God within them. They have the fruit of the Spirit, like love, joy, peace (that is not an earthly love, joy, and peace but a supernatural love, joy, and peace filled with life) filling them. This fruit is combined with wisdom and God's perspective moment to moment giving the believer fulfillment no matter what the circumstances. The believer walking in the Spirit is much more effective at spreading the gospel because by faith they are giving themselves fully to allow God to speak through them and tell them what actions they should do to spread his love. God may tell someone to do something unconventional, yet God knows, even when we don't, what will work. When the Spirit of God speaks through the person, not just words, but living words come out of the person and many will know there is something different and powerful in those words and they will listen because God's life in the words is being spoken to them. When someone walks in the Spirit their actions emanate the beauty of God's Spirit and people know their is something different and beautiful about that person so they will be eager to hear, because they will want the real love and power that they feel for themselves.

    Walking in the Spirit is moment to moment existence in God's life. Believers have the seal and are always saved, but often walk between living as the old man (by their own desires, feelings, thoughts etc.) and submitting to the new creation that God sees them as in Christ. When a believer walks in the Spirit they are communing with God in God's kingdom which is within them and acting from the Spirit of God's kingdom, rather than their old nature in the world. All believers should press onward to cast away all worldly thoughts, with the desire and faith to live in God's thoughts, since we have the mind of Christ now. Living in the Spirit is living a spiritually rich life that not only blesses oneself but blesses others as well.
  8. You are very well versed in the scriptures: that's good. But I must not assume that a person is saved just because I believe they are. All scripture is good for teaching; but salvation must line up with the Gospel that saves: and there is only one. I must be careful not to add or detract from that one Gospel.

    When righteousness was imputed to Abraham, it was not because he believed in God: it was because he believed God's promise! See, Abraham was a;ready walking in God's will: "...get you out of your country, your kindred, and you father's house...". Even so, we are not saved because we believe in God, but because we believe in God's promise. So what is that promise that will ultimately save when we believe?

    I leave you with that.
  9. I am not quite sure why you are saying that. I never said a person is only saved by believing in God. Satan believes in God. New age people often believe they are God. Many religious people say they believe in God, but they are false God's. I spoke of the gospel (salvation by faith in what Christ did in his taking on our sins for us that is faith in his death, burial, and resurrection and the meaning of them). I am not sure why you have said this. Only the saved have the Holy Spirit living in them.
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    Yes, Beloved. Only the saved have the Holy Spirit residing in them: the rest are being led by the Holy Spirit. First, the Holy Spirit leads the man to repentance; then, to to remission of sins " the NAME of Jesus Christ..."; and finally, to Grace...through faith. Grace is synonymous with the Holy Spirit; and it is by the Holy Spirit by which we will be resurrected.

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