Language doesn't do our hearts justice.

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  1. Language doesn't do our hearts justice.

    If I come accross as offended, know that I am not. It is just a communication problem because of the flawed languages of this world.

    See we really don't belong here.
  2. Language barriers, Mark?

    I haven't seen you appear to be offended~~
    Thanks though, Mark~
  3. No I just thought of that while I read my thread "Higher" and SweetSurrender said she hopes I didn't take any offense.

    So I just decided to describe how our spirits are capable of so much better communication than these languages of earth allow us to use. We are better than this place lets us be.
  4. I think you're right!
  5. Yes that is right Mark. We don't belong here. We are just pilgrims , walking through. OUr home is in heaven where we have an eternal hope and the love of our Heavenly Father.

    Keep the thoughts coming Mark. Thanks.:D:D

  6. Words are but symbols or picture of the ideas we want to express. It is said that if an orator can effectively get his idea across to 20% of a group he is a great speaker indeed.
    In person it is difficult and on line even more so as we cannot read each others facial expressions and body language. I am with Sweet Surrender on this though- it is better to be safe than sorry if you feel a brother (or siter) is offended.
    Fortunately for us we have the Holy Spirit and He gives us discernment and revelation. These two things help u to give and receive and lite our understanding.:)
  7. Also we have smilies, mark-- to help illustrate what we mean or how we feel when we're talking online. :) :( :eek: :eek: ;) :mad: :rolleyes:, etc...

    Yes, they are cheesy but since we can't get a sense for facial expressions, tone of voice, etc...Use those smilies! Then people won't be as :eek: or :confused: by what they thought you said. All will be...:cool:

  8. Maybe we need an "offended" smiley? :D
  9. Hey...I just had an idea (and it hurt, really)...

    Why don't we get a smilies section, maybe in Violet's snaggables? Where we can submit our smilies to be approved by the mods?

  10. That's a good idea.Whirlwind .... How about it Larry ??? I am sure Fluffy will have lots.
  11. I can't see a problem with that. More than likely Mr Jeff would have to make final approval as he is the one who would ultimately have to incorporate them. If you guys want to put together a list of suggestions any on the mods (including me) would be glad to submit them.;)

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