Lack of Sun Spots

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by Jasher, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Lack of Sun Spots

    August had no sunspots - the first such month in 100 years, which generally causes global cooling...

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  2. As a former radio communications engineer (still licensed, though) I can attest to this fact that Jasher brought up by the complete lack of long range radio spectrum high frequecny communications. Normally when sun spot activity takes place, the Ionopheric "E" layer is shifted downward. This shift allows radio signals to bounce off of it as a flashlight beam bounces off of a mirror. Not the case in the past 5 weeks or so.
  3. So, what does this mean to us?? Lack of sunspots? Besides not really getting what you said, Pastor Gary, I didn't glean much out of the article, really. Can anyone explain it in laymen's terms? Will this affect sattelite communication in some way, or just Ham Radio? Did I get that right??
  4. S-S : Without sunspots, the actual energy that the sun sends our way is reduced. When we have reduced sun energy, we have less thermal heating of the planet and therefore a cooling effect. Small temporary sunspot emission losses do not affect the earth in a very great way, but if this were to keep up for a couple of years, we would see a difference in the average of earth temperatures - slightly lower than what is average or normal. If this were to keep up for decades, we would see a mini ice age as what affected Europe and North America in the period from roughly 1550 to 1840 AD.
  5. i duno to me that stinks alot like the global warming issue. like one of the comments said at any given time half of the world is geting hotter while the other half is geting colder, it just so happens that the half that is getting hotter is facing the sun. yes im sure it may have some small impact but nothing huge. now if this trend (lack of sun spots) continues then there MIGHT be some cause for concern. thats my oppinion of it any way but then again who knows maybe this will be somthing that will continue to happen and the end is going to be sooner rather than later...
  6. I noticed ever since June, Southern California has had this weird bout of very cool, late-spring-ish like weather. I swear, it only got up to 88 in the Orange County. Inland was worse, but usually it's around 100 for us in August! It feels like fall now! It was 69 DEGREES FARENHEIT last night - woowzers! But hey, you don't see me complaining - I'M LOVIN' IT.:D:p

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