Korn's ex-guitarist Brian Welch

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  1. Korn's ex-guitarist Brian Welch

    Some of you probably know his story...but it's worth repeating here.

    Brian Welch's own site
  2. I've heard this mentioned before. It made me wonder about something.

    When the Christian Band "Flyleaf" began touring, they were on tour with KoRn. I really thought that was odd and a bit inappropriate for a confessed Christian band to tour with a band like KoRn.

    Now, I don't know if Flyleaf had anything whatsoever to do with this, however, it does bring a very different light on what Christian musicians are in the world to do.
  3. i was excited when this happened. Head was always my favorite member of Korn, but I stopped listening to them awhile back. I have been disappointed in the fact that he hasn't put out his album yet. oh well.
  4. This is something I've taken issue with the Mrs. about. I enjoy a great deal of P.O.D.'s music, but don't care for the fact that they have in the past toured with secular bands. Her point is they are reaching people who otherwise wouldn't hear a Godly message.

    Back to the OP, it'll be interesting to see if he picks up music again. I've never heard any KoRn, but would be interested in hearing him focused on glorifying God with his music. I'm thrilled to see him turning to Christ.
  5. I found this interview.

    Wow, I didn't know this.

    I used to be into that kind of music and I like Korn's stuff, but I left that music behind a lot time ago.

    I totally understand the emptiness he felt. That's what I went through in the last year. All the money in the world feels like ash. In my case it was a promotion and getting a pay rise.

    God Bless
  6. I'm happy for the guy. However, I am concerned for him because in another interview I read, he has gotten associated with some of the people who are heavily affiliated with The Elijah List most of their theological beliefs really disturb me.
  7. I agree with that. People that love rock music might get into Christian music (because they are opening acts) and lead to greater things such as salvation.

    Didn't Jesus say that the best place for Him to be amongst were those that were not saved???
  8. I have one son who was really interested in their music as a teen. I hated it full of angst and bitterness and a very harsh metal sound. To my ears anyway. I used to pray a lot about the influences music was having on him. Anyway he is not walking solidly with the Lord although he has never cursed God if you know what I mean. He was very thrilled for Brian Welch and told me all about it and stuff. Then about a month ago he says "Well I kept waiting around for someone to by me Brians book but since no one did I bought it myself" This is Brians testimony of his conversion etc. I haven't read it myself but I though that is good God is using a former negative influence in my sons life to influence him now for Christ.

    I am not sure about the touring Christian bands influence on Korn I do know though that one other member also has come to the Lord since Brian. It was this members dad who was a believer and used to Bible thump (their term) the band often. When Brian got saved he spent a lot of time with the dad in fellowship. The dad was old and ill and they prayed that his son would get saved before he died. The dad died and unknown to Brian the son had actually made a decision also to serve The Lord too. So it is two down not sure how many more to go.
  9. I think POD have served the Lord to the best of their ability and have always had the philosophy to share the gospel with their touring partners as the Lord leads them. They were bigger initially than Lincoln Park and gave them lots of opportunity to tour with them. They seem like a very suportive bunch of guys I think. They are not perfect and I don't like all their stuff but I do respect them. This is another band that has influenced my son for good. gg
  10. WOW!!!! TOO cool!

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