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  1. Knitting

    I just learned how to knit a few weeks ago, and I already am almost done my first scarf!! Does anyone else know how to knit? I know its kind of weird that I'm 20 and I'm knitting, but its sooo relaxing!! Just wondering if anyone else shares this interest! And if not, its such a great hobby if anyone wants to learn I can tell you what books or magazines you should buy and the basic tools to begin!!
  2. It's not weird at all!
    When I was 24 and my best friend was 18 we crocheted together all the time!
    Knitting is very hard!
    Good for you!!!

    You'll have to show us what you've made! :)
  3. i actually just sat down and taught myself the basics of crocheting from instructions on the internet!!! i like it so far, but i can only make a chain! haha
  4. Once you get the hang of the chain you will be comfortable with other stitches....:)
  5. Very nice, sister! For some time I also learned how to knit and crochet and I really liked it, but now I don't have time for it at all, for pity.
  6. FaithHopeNLove09

    with your chain, when you reach the end of your length, make an extra loop so you can start back down your chain again?
    Did I make sense?

  7. Ummm...I'm kinda ashamed to admit this...but yeah, I do.

    I'm a guy.

    Mom made me learn back when I was 12 or so, because we were having a memorial for her mom (gramma). At a Native memorial, we have a giveaway. We try to give something to everybody to remember the person who's gone.

    I knitted some traditional yarn belts, and that's the same time Mom taught me how to beadwork, too.

    Funny, knitting is just like sleeping. I come out of it feeling refreshed and energized.

  8. Okay, okay...

    ...someone told me that when a guy knits, it's not called's called YARNWORKING.


    Makes me feel better now.:eek:
  9. Hi, i'm almost 29 and have been knitting since i was a very young girl. I have knitted clothes as well as toys. My latest was a firefighter. It is VERY relaxing, and therupeutic ans you have something to show at the end which makes you feel good.

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