KJV Study Bibles?

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  1. I have a Common Man's Reference Bible and I definitely like it. Just for future purposes is there any other KJV Study Bibles that anyone would recommend? :ROFLMAO:
  2. I have a new Geneva study bible, new king james version.
    i'm not happy with some of the comments in it.
    I think I need a different version.
    theres things you pick up like matthew likes to say immediately, like immediately the fig tree Jesus cursed died, but in fact mark or luke, I think its mark clarifies it by saying it was actually the next day.
    Matthew and John are diciples whereas mark was a young man who saw much as a young man, might have been 15, but he would hang around
    banabas and luke and paul, mark at the end of his gospel says they will take up serpents probably because either he or luke saw paul get bitten. banabas was related to one of them.
    Luke was not a disciple but if your a woman you will probably see the hand of mary in his gospel. Luke being a physician was more able to talk
    to women so his gospel is from the women.
    When you position the apostles in the garden you see peter james and john are standing right there when Jesus is arrested,
    John who knows the high priest even tells us the name of the guy whose ear was cut off
    and you can understand why peter denies Jesus because a relative of the high priest says last, hey I think you were there...like you cut off my cousins ear? he doesn't say that but you see peters wheels turning.
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  3. Yea i was contemplating on getting the 1599 Geneva Bible
  4. Commom Man's Reference Bible is pretty good actually. I would like to have 2 or 3 reference Bibles total to get even more biblical connections and understanding. My Birthday is coming up soon so Im hoping i get some money to get some books and possibly a smaller KJV bible to take with me everywhere and for soul winning

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