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Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by LanceA, Jun 8, 2014.

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  1. Ok so I got this DVD today and I was really looking forward to watching it. I was very disappointed in the DVD. It is basically narrated by Kirk, which wasn't a bad thing, it was just a little drawn out on some things. I'll just number the issues I had with it and leave it at that.

    1. He blamed Adam for not protecting Eve in the garden, and since Adam didn't do his manly obligation of protecting Eve it was mans fault she ate the fruit.
    2. The movie was suppose to be about why God allows bad things to happen to us. He never really answered this question.
    3. He basically says at the end of the movie that God allows people to die or have issues and that is the way things are. His main thing is the death of a boy he knew and how his family were very faithful and that God allowed the boy to die to benefit someone else. I disagree with this completely.
    4. He also states that God is the driver of this adventure in life we are having and that we are just along for the ride. This is basically saying we don't have a say at all in our lives. So if God is at the wheel then the fall of man would never of happened in my opinion.

    These are just a few things I noticed about the movie that I disagree with. I would like to return it but if anyone wants it I will gladly send it to you so you don't have to waste your money on it :).
  2. 1. Yeah, I don't see that being Adam's fault either. Sure, a man should be responsible for his household, but you can't babysit your wife and kids 24/7.

    2. That sucks.

    3. I don't see how every horrible death benefits someone else, so I disagree as well.

    4. That's Calvinism for you. God even moves your pinky for you! You are pretty much a doll.

    You bought it?
  3. Yeah I read great reviews on it and happened to be in a christian books store and it was the last copy. I've read other things from Kirk like, The School of Biblical Evangelism and it was pretty good.
  4. I've seen some videos on Youtube of him, and I used to watch Growing Pains, but that's about it. For some reason my crazy radar goes off when he talks. I've never heard him say anything crazy but I don't know...
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  5. My radar goes off too. And I don't know why.
  6. Speaking of radar, I thought I was losing it when I first became "aware" I had one. I had the tv on and Charles Stanley was on, he said that he hears static in his right ear when he is out of line or out of Gods will. Then I visited an AOG one night, and the guest speaker prophesied to me and told me, among other things, "I brought you here tonight to tell you you haven't lost your mind, your not crazy, you're pressing into me."
  7. Good old AoG. I had a crazy old lady tell me to say I love Jesus real fast a bunch of times when I was young. I started to stumble over my words and she praised God I was speaking in tongues. Even at that age I knew better :) I was raised AoG so not talking bad about it, just a funny experience with it.
  8. The entire experience was mind blowing for me. I've visited many churches in my life so it didn't matter that it was an AOG, I wasn't going to go that night, I had already been on Friday night and I was gonna watch my friends kids so he and his wife could. He backed out and I was disappointed at first because I really wanted him to go. As I started to type a snarky reply, the Holy Spirit whispered, "go."
  9. My radar also goes off.

    I haven't seen the DVD but the Adam and Eve thing he was saying doesn't sound biblical.
  10. His argument was that Adam watched the entire thing occur and he used Eve as a scapegoat to eat the fruit and blame her. And then stated it was Adams responsibility to protect Eve and that Adam didn't live up to his manly duties. I looked at my wife and just rolled my eyes. I think Kirk has to much actor in him and it spills over to his teachings lol
  11. I'd be curious to hear him tell us how his argument aligns with 1 Timothy 2:14
  12. Great point. I would be interested in his comment to that verse.
  13. Its a common practice of some to come up with reasons why God dont do this or that...There are reasons why a certain prayers are not answered but it almost never relates to what the traditional groups teach? The biggest reason most dont see the power of grace is because they are not being taught the true grace of God, but a mixture of law and grace which creates a double mind that cannot receive from God.
  14. Ah kirk Cameron, you guys know she's Candace Cameron's brother? She played DJ in Full house.

    I also read that He was partnered with Ray Comfort.

  15. Rofl, you have a crazy radar that goes off lol nice
  16. Yes, I would put both Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort firmly in the "not to be taken seriously" file.
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  17. More like deluded than crazy.

    Crazy can't help itself.
    Deluded is just a nice way of saying willfully ignorant.

  18. Aw lol why do you say that?
  19. Well, I personally don't have a quibble about evolution. Some people do, I get that. But the argument put forth by these guys about it was downright kooky. Comfort is one of those "Catholics aren't Christians" people as well. I think they've both embraced a radical and extreme form of Christianity.
  20. Hmm, may have to check em out for myself.
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