King Crab

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  1. King Crab

    How do you crack them open? I'm hurting my fingers cause it's soooo gooood, but I can't open it as fast as I wanna eat it. :D

    It's my first time. Mmmmmm.

    It's not good that I like it though, it's expensive! :eek:
  2. yum! Sounds reaaaalllly good! Have ya tried a tire iron and a rock yet?

    watch out for the blue ones Mark!:)
  3. Blue ones? Why?
  4. Get some kitchen shears, you can cut along the leg (lengthwise, through the knuckles). That makes twisting and cracking easy. Also use a nut cracker if you don't have a crab cracker.

    Some of us that live in the PNW and eat a lot of King and Dungeoness crab have special callouses, I just rip them apart LOL!!

    Enjoy your crab!
  5. Real men just eat em......

    Shell and all. :D

    callouses is fer sissies.

  6. Hahahahahaaaa. Have you tried taping the fingers you use to open them. We usually tape our fingers and use nutcrackers.

  7. Well finally something I'm an expert at. You don't come from N'awlins and not know how to crack a crab.:D

    The best thing to use is a crab cracker...yep they make them especially for crabs. However, if you don't have one, take a butter knife and hold the opposite end of the handle. Let me make that clear...I said a butter knife, no other kind of knife). The heavier the handle of the butter knife the better. Then you pound the heck outta the crab, right under the pinchers. This should break the shell enough for you to pull the pinchers away from the other part of the claw.

    Hope that helps...enjoy.

    P.S. King crabs are probably different from our crabs, so this technique might not work on them. But it's worth a try.
  8. LOLOL... If my hubby and I EVER meet with you to ride, we are TOTALLY going to a sea food place so I can watch you eat like this ... LOLOL

    This is what one looks like that will make crab eating with no hassles.. otherwise, use a knife or a fork you don't mind bending the tines LOL

  9. HAH! I declare a King Crab-off! Whomever can eat one whole with nothing but hands wins.

    Your Southern Blues and softshells are soooo easy.

    Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Cooked or raw???
  11. Your choice sir! But you do know that that does include the innards (dressing if you will), who doesn't love a perfectly dressed crab??

    It's on! I have to tell you that I just finished watching SF pick Crabtree in the NFL Draft, then ran home to let my neighbors dog out. The dog (Mandy) ran out in the goat pasture where the female goat got all weird on me (she has a kid) and I had to take her out. Yes, there was my big ole butt on top of the goat yelling for her life. She will never play butting games again LOL!!

    I'm all fired up!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!!
  12. :D:D:D lol...literally. This image made me laugh out loud. Too funny.

  13. LIVE!! of course. Dont git no fresher than that. But watch out for the pinchers


    I caught this up at Hood Canal. This is a Dungeness eh hum a SMALL 1! Yesss that is REAL pain I'm showing. I was feeling a little brave that day just for the shot AAAAAHHHhahahahahaha lol!!:):D The girls are my neices. This was my first photo that I ever made n edited n didnt werk but it came out OK! so I left it

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