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  1. ]I feel ignored b/c...I try to seek Him, maybe im not doing it well enough ..or with all my heart, I long to just hear God talk to me on the regular basis , rather than here and there. and what really ticks me off is..when my other church about what God has told them or shown them....when God hasn't told or shown me anything! It just frustrates me... b/ seems like I have to work hard for something basic , just to hear God, when it comes almost naturally to them. And I wonder..why must I strain myself to do what everyone else can do so well, why do I have to be the only one, out of our group.I feel like Im singled a way, and it irritates me. Then my cousin heard from the Lord while she was showering..and it kinda pissed me off b/c she doesn't really read much or pray to God (right now Im living w/ her so i not just saying this... but i know the Lord is working on her to bring her closer to Him..) I should feel happy that she's getting closer to Him..but I just feel jealous and angry b/c... I want to know God on a deeper level , and she ...well, she just doesn't seek Him like I do. Not saying that I seek Him wholeheartedly..b/c i don't's just I wonder why he'd talk to her before me (not saying that Im all that b/c Im not.. Im not) its just he seems to go after her more than he does me......If I/ when I backslide.....its like he barely notices...he doesn't say much.... :/ but with my other members he communicates w/ them and tells them to stop, when my other cousin turned away.. he said the lord spoke to Him saying" I chose you...." and caused some type of out break on His skin...b/c of his disobedience..He still he some of his scars... and im like , really God..honestly.. Idk ..I feel as if He looks over me out of my church group.And I feel somtimes Im workin g for peanuts. Idk I just wonder why he wants me to strain myself for the basic things (hearing his voice,feeling his presence..ect) when He just seem to give it freely to the others...idk it doesn't seem fair to me. pls help?
  2. Dear sweet pancakes,

    please do not be sad. And do not think that our loving Father in Heaven would overlook you.
    That is certainly not the case.
    Your questions on this and former threads show so obviously that you take your relationship with God seriously. You are indeed not the person who quickly declares a miraculous encounter with our Lord, but rather you question yourself if you are worthy of His love.
    That is so humble of you you, dear pancakes.
    Listen what Jesus said: "But the greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted." (Mat.23:11,12).
    And Psalm 22:24 reads, "For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted; nor has He hidden His face from him; but when he cried to Him for help, He heard."
    Our Daddy in Heaven loves you and is near you every moment of you life!
    Love, little flower
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  3. You must realise that you are not alone in this and work from the point of mutual fellowship. Counselling as much as I do I find this to be a very common issue with the saved man. (Please remember that the term "man" is generic here.) By and large this issue is rooted in our personal pride and as we know from our study, that pride is sin, at it's core. All of us can in one form or another tell a personal story just like yours here of how we have, not turned our backs on God but rather, how God was wanting to bless us and we had our own pity party and forgot about the rank involved.

    Remember, God is the King and everything, and I do mean everything, else is behind Him in ranking. If we look back to the World's history to the time of the Kings in, what we call, the Dark Ages this situation becomes much clearer. At the same time, remember you would have never found God, at all, had He not descended from His rightful position to approach you and to call you. Through out the Bible we are taught humility and from that, humility, joy.

    Just as you have alluded here, your relative is likely in need of being drawn closer to God and the big picture answer to your situation is easiest found in the Book of Job. Is it possible that God has counted you worthy and is allowing Satan to test you with a God controlled test. God is not testing you but perhaps He has the confidence in the strength of your faith to count on you keeping Satan distracted while He works on your room-mate.

    God's blessings and I pray this helps.
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  4. I'm going to make an assumption here and say that perhaps God is trying to teach you slow down and not rush into anything. I used to pray the same prayer for years. Perhaps change it up a time or two, but essentially It was same old thing time and time again. Then I started attending church weekly and still...nothing or very little. Then I began attending bible study and nada...but I kind of felt like I was getting there. This is around the time when I began feeling convicted. I was still going to the bars and having premarital sex with my (then) non-Christian boyfriend. Then my eating disorder came back and I was really mad at God.:mad: How dare my relationship with Him grow stronger and yet I get weaker?

    Then It was time for me to change my life. I went on a fast and said, "Alright God, what are you about?! I'm tired of searching for you and getting no where." This was the time I realized that I was never really searching for Him to begin with. I was wanting all the benefits of God without trying to have a real relationship with Him.

    Sound familiar?

    SO time went on and after a short while, I began truly praying the way I realized how God wanted me to. I gave Him thanks for everything I could think of. So much thanks that I would cry for what He has given me. Like I said in another thread, the more I learn about Gods grace, the more I realize I don't deserve it. I also began truly confessing my sins...each and every one I could think of for the day. I broke down. I got on my face and prayed. I slowly started to read my daily devotionals and reading the scriptures along with them. At this point I wasn't even really reading the bible. That has started this past month and I'm already seeing more changes.

    Now God hasn't healed me 100%, but he has changed so many other things in my life, that I know my ED healing is around the corner and on His time.

    Essentially pancakes, maybe your trying too hard to get some part of God without really trying to get Him ENTIRELY. I don't know what more to say...I've stressed it enough. My fast did me wonders. Keep searching. He rewards those who do.
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  5. I can only summarize this in one line only because I've experienced it like many others here:

    "God is stretching you so that you'll keep seeking him more in order for you to grow with and through him"

    I've been following your other posts and have to this conclusion...I could be wrong but like Lifeasweknowit says...Keep searching, fast if you can, keep seeking him till you find him and when you do - you'll see that it was worth it all the while!! Trust me on this one...

    God Bless
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  6. Pancakes, you should see some of my beginning posts when I first came on here in January. They were very similar to yours and I believe that a lot of people have a similar walk. They want to go "all in" with God and reap the benefits that others seem to have, but God slows us down and says "No, you need to develop a relationship with Me....get to know Me." I hate to compare the relationship with our heavenly father with those on this earth, but look at it that way. Can you be married but not live with your spouse? Sure, but what's the relationship like? What about those who rush into relationships without getting to know one another? It's usually a disaster. It falls apart because you didn't take the time to get to know the intricacies of that person. I believe the same goes for your relationship with God. If you pray and don't read the word and truly seek Him (Which I believe you are doing), the relationship may very well crumble because you're not getting out of it what you had expected.

    There's a honeymoon phase as well when it comes to your relationship with God, and the true test comes in when Satan starts breaking down your relationships, career, life, and possibly more. It's called the spiritual battle. I dealt with it in the beginning. I had people question my new thoughts on God and my desire to fully commit my life to him. My ED got worse because Satan told me how my appearance mattered more than my heart (and I wrongfully believed him). I broke down at my brothers house because of the way he treated the kids. I could have been at my wits end, but I stood in there, faithful and strong. I will not let Satan tear me down. His goal is to make you feel as though you're making the wrong choice by turning to God.

    Listen to me clearly....It is easy to live in the world. Easy to have sex with whomever, easy to make lots of money and spend it on shiny new things, easy to give into all sorts of temptation, easy to do drugs and drink, easy to dress immodestly and dance provocatively, easy to curse, easy to hang out with friends who don't believe. Satan makes living in the world not only incredibly tempting and pleasing to the eye, but simple.

    Here's the sad but beautiful truth. It's difficult (only in the beginning) being a Christian. You will lose some friends, you will think you don't look as pretty as you used to because your dressing differently, you'll miss the attention from men because you're not going out as much and now focused on finding a Godly made, you will desire having more than a drink or two because it "feels good", you'll have a hard time keeping back foul language that once came out so easily, you'll miss being sexually immoral, and you'll hate the guilt that comes along from knowing right and wrong.

    The world is easy, living by the Word is hard. The good news is that it's only difficult when starting out.

    After you've devoted your life to God and truly made that commitment, once you've been tested a few times and overcome temptation while staying steadfast and continually seeking His presence and guidance, you will begin to feel a sense of peace that you can't quite articulate. You will still feel lonely, but you will also discern that it's loneliness from the world and nothing else. You will truly begin to feel Gods love, because you are obeying Him and although God loves everyone, I truly believe He blesses those who obey Him and seek Him diligently.

    Pancakes, I know I've written the above time and time again, but I can't say enough how much God has transformed lives with those who truly sought Him. You are doing just that, and He will reward you if you continue.
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  7. In any gathering of people, who actually gets the most attention? The rebels and the troublemakers. Those quietly going about their business, doing what they're supposed to do are usually overlooked in all the hubub. Ask any school teacher.:p

    You have a heart for God, and He will not waste the gifts He has given you or the work that He is doing in you. Don't compare your walk to others; each individual is different and God works with them as He sees fit. If God speaks more often to your cousin, perhaps it is because of her apparent lack of interest in pressing in to Him that He finds it necessary to speak to her more often to keep her on track. If I were a sheep, I would not consider it a compliment if the Border Collie barked at me the most often.:D
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  8. The problem is solved ^^ when I attended a short bible study my brother did w/ my cousin..their answerws really helped.. my ousin said the more obedient I am to Him when i do hear his voice will help me to hear Him more and my brother said to just focus and try to listen...and my cosuin also said that it'll take time..lots of time. B/c I kinda want to hear God crystal clear like my pastor /aunt and my cousin informed me that she's been saved 20+ I really need some patience ..but thanx for you alls help..will try and read it when I get the chance.
  9. I totally doubt that my faith isn't that strong.. now my aunt is going through a job exp. she's dealing w/ seizures b/c she's been tested time and time again ..and still hasn't fell away.. and now she's still hanging on... she is worthy.. im not..not yet anyways.....but i appreciate your help..and I agrree a bit w/ life, I guess I should start slower and develop some patients.I have no idea what God wants me to do but I'll ask him soon.

  10. I kinda agree w/ the stretching part ... and I am fasting ..I've got 9 days left : o ))
  11. I agree w/ do I get ALL of him??
  12. Pancakes,
    1 Corinthians 10:13 is an answer to this post... the Father has put it there for just such a time as this. Remeber, the scriptures are not a blue print but rather, they are an example that establishes a principal for us to use and to apply to our lives. Your Job experience, (this one, not the one in the past and not one of the ones to come) is not to be measured against the Job experience of your Aunt nor will it measure against the one I endure at this moment. The passage I listed points out that God will never allow us to endure more than He can equip us to deal with.

    God bless youngun and praying for you.
  13. I bet God often feels ignored by us.
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  14. sorry pancakes, what do you mean by that? I couldn't understand the text.
  15. I can absolutely, positively, guarantee that God is speaking to you right now. You just don't know it yet. Down the road, you will realize that he was moving you in the right direction all along.
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  16. Tell me about this. How many times I've looked back only to realize that he was guiding my way all the time whether I recognized it or not. He knows our path from the end to the beginning. We needn't fear at all :)
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  17. Im doing much better,..worlds better.. i can hear God's voice alot better
    thanks all.
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  18. Praise God for this!! He has felt your heart and heard your cry...
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