Killing Gays?

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  1. Leviticus 20:13 - If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    Does this mean we should be inclined to kill gays? It seems very clear that that's what the Bible is instructing here... However, that's obviously a very tough thing to do. I wouldn't want to be charged with murder. I am just trying to follow the Bible as well as I possibly can, so any insight would be much appreciated, as this is very confusing! :confused:
  2. Its a good thing we aren't in the Law, otherwise I would have been stoned many times over..

    We aren't in the law anymore, the old testament law has no power. However, we can pull the principle from it, that God does not condone homosexuality.
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  3. Discussing homosexuality is forbidden on this site. Not trying to mini mod, but I just wanted to let you know.
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    You need to understand that the Law was given to the people of Israel as a school master to teach them what sin was, to teach them how to live holy before God. It was given because of the hardness of Israel's heart. They needed to be told specifically what was right and wrong because they did not understand the two principles that were already in place...namely love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbour in as yourself. God was adamant about keeping Israel holy, and that was one of the many laws that was given in order to maintain that. The other major reason the Law was given was to show Israel that they were unable to achieve holiness and righteousness by their own strength....that they needed a saviour...they needed God Himself to save them thorough Jesus Christ. Now that this salvation has taken place, Jesus have fulfilled the entire requirements of the Law.

    Please, I say this with all and study the bible and ask the Holy Spirit for understanding and you will know how to interpret it accurately.
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  5. That is not entirely accurate Juk. The rules do say that we are allowed to ask questions about these "forbidden" topics but that it is not allowed to turn into a debate and not allowed to go beyond 2 pages.
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  6. Ok, thank you all for clarifying the context of that passage. :)
  7. You are welcome. Just please please is necessary to read a verse in the bible in context, taking the whole bible into consideration(old and new testament). So many errors are made in understanding when the big picture is not taken into account.
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  8. Oh.
    To answer your question, we should not kill gays. We are not under the law anymore. However, the New Testament does condemn homosexuality like the Old does, so it is still a sin. I know that many Christians tend to think that since the Law is fulfilled, so is the entire Old Testament. This is not true. There are some commands in the Old Testament that are not necessarily in the Law. One of my favorites is Ecclesiastes 12:13, "... Fear God and obey his commandments, for that is the duty of man."
  9. No we not meant to kill anyone.
    Why? Cos Jesus was killed in our place instead. He gave his life for us.
    If people continue in sin with this knowledge then..I think a lifestyle of sin eventually does kill us anyway. Satan is the one who steals, kills and destroys.
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  10. Absolutely.. God's written Word is the final authority.. Such sins certainly deserve death.. And you know what, someone already took care of that.. Jesus took care of the death penalty. When NT says Jesus fulfilled the law, it includes Leviticus 20:13 also. He bore our sins on the cross.. He took the curse upon Himself..

    It is so very important to the connection between OT and NT..
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  11. And to add to what you said....we should be loving them into the kingdom. Loving the person and not the sin. This is a time of grace for everyone and Jesus loved them enough to die for their sins as well.

    I really appreciate your making the connection between the old and new testaments!
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  12. As the new testament says....the old covenant has been fulfilled and done away with. The only two commands is to believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ...and love your neighbor as yourself.
  13. So what commands do you think we should follow besides those? The New Testament also says that we should not live in sin because we died to sin.
  14. At the 7:19 mark.
    A famous YouTube vlogger named "The Amazing Atheist" goes on rants against religion (especially Christianity) and another YouTuber (a Christian) posted a response.

    At the 7:19 mark, we see the Amazing Atheist state how Christians disobey the Bible because the Bible says to kill homosexuals...the Christian vlogger responds.

  15. Execution under the law is by those in authority ONLY. The joe schmo can't carry out the punishment...
  16. Adulterers were also to be killed under the Old Covenant, but Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery.
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  17. Amen all of us would be dead....
    How many "Christians" are or were fornicators (sex before marriage)? Secondly read your Bible more completely....sodomites are often hetero/bi sexual persons not only "Gays" (see Judges 19)....even in Sodom most of these men also had wives and the women also were sodomites (the true meaning of exchanging the natural use for the unnatural)
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  18. Within the old testament framework - there was a "Law code" and there was a "Justice system"...
    Every offense had to be brought before a Judge and judged BEFORE sentence could be executed....

    It's a mistake to believe that just because the "Law" states such and such will be punished in such and such a way that this gives you some sort of "Right" to practice Anarchy or to "Judge" for yourself..... Nope - in Israel, Judges were appointed as such.....

    The only thing a "Normal" person could do was to bring "True witness" BEFORE the judge.... It's up to the judge at that point... If the judge refuses to hear the case or rules in that person's favor - you have no recourse....

    So... Who is our Righteous Judge?
    How do you take your "True witness" before Him?

    I get in a sense what you are saying.... We feel pain because of the lies that society is fed.... We feel frustration because we SEE clearly that society is headed in completely the wrong direction - they are seeking after everything that is NOT God to fill the emptiness that fills them.....

    But remember - before you found Jesus - you were filled with that same sort of emptiness, lack of fulfillment, fear, and self-defeat..... You were chasing after everything the world had to offer in just the same way.... You were just as deserving of Death as they currently are.... What happened to you? Someone told you about the love that Jesus offers... That the emptiness and pain does not have to be this way.... and you listened and it changed your life.....

    Go take your light back into the world and SHOW them what they are missing out on.... Show the peace, love and joy that comes from Christ..... Make them envy what you have - rather than preaching hate, division, and fear against them....

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  19. The original question has been answered and no further discussion is required in that regard. Before this thread starts to go in a banned topic direction, it is now closed. We welcome additional thread starts regarding Law and Grace as long as it remains civil and does not encompass banned topics.

    Thank you.

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