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  1. This is me:


  2. I'm with ya! When I was in 8th grade we had snow on the ground & it was coming down hard...I mean hard! School wasn't even late...the once we were at school the county decalred a state of emergency, and closed the bridges...the kids who lived on the other end of the bridges from the school were was put into lockdown, or some form of it, and we weren't allowed to go home...even after school!

    :mad:They would have rather had us stay the night than to let us have a day off!!!!

    Kids today have got it easy!
  3. Isn't that the truth. I am generation X and I see al lthe generation Y kids rolling around these days wondering why they aren't getting ahead. They are either in gangs/prison already, too drugged up to notice anything, question everything with no real knowledge of anything or living on mommy's and daddy's dime while the "find themselves" what ever that means.

    When they removed grades from schools and everyone became a winner no matter how badly you did... that is when we started to confuse them.

    When 2365 + 9483 =117,148 is ok if they just show how they got the answer regardless of the actual answer... we are confusing them

    When we only require them to show up at school at some point during the day to socialize with no expectations what so ever ... we are confusing them.

    When no company will higher someone between the ages of 16-27 because they have had nothing but bad experiences with people in that current age group... we are confusing them.

    Currently if you are in that age group you will not be able to find a job with any real responsibilities or decent pay because they don't normally have any ethics let alone work ethics. My company will not higher anyone in that age group for that reason. The 2 people in that age bracket are going to be replaced as soon as they can find 2 others that will:

    1. show up on time.
    2. show up not wearing shorts, PJ's or sandles.
    3. do what is required to get the job done right.
    4. not take 3 hour lunches.
    5. will work the full shift without leaving for no reason at all.
    6. will answer the phone. (helpdesk... so it's kind of important)
    7. will not use foul language when speaking to customers.
    8. will not download illegal material on company computers.
    9. will not bring their girl/boyfriends in with them.
    10. not watch porn while working.
    11. will not sexually harrass the opposite sex.
    12. will keep their cloths on for the entire shift.
    13. will not drink on shift or come in drunk before your shift.
    14. will not steal company equipment.
    15. will not sleep during their shift.
    ...ect these are the things I have seen within the last 2 months fro mthe kids we have hired.

    We hired 19 kids in the past 2 months and these are some of the most common things that they have done while they "worked" here.
  4. In high school I walked three miles to school through two feet or more of snow.
  5. In high school I walked 4.5 miles to and from school carring my sousaphone while practicing on the way... I almost caused a few accidents unfortunately. What would you do if you saw someone marching down the foggy deserted strip of highway with a sousaphone on his back playing a tune at 5:30 in the morning?

    Most people swerved out of suprise and some ran off the road... Needless to say that the next coffee place down that road started to see a lot more people stopping for more coffee after I started walking to school.

    that thing was heavy at first about 17LBS solid brass.
  6. I am actually of the belief that everyone should, upon leaving school or college, have to do at least a 12 month course of national service, learning how to serve, be respectful, look after themselves etc.
    Too many kids nowadays arent even taught these things at home, or their parents are so involved with work (often through neccesity) that they dont have the time to properly train their kids.
  7. Uphill both ways! Opps, sorry that was Bill Cosby!:D
  8. ...and Christmas Day, they'd let us go home long enough to open our presents, but then we'd have to go right back to school.:p

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