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  1. Kicks

    You ever go through "kicks"?

    I mean, where you crave something or just can't get enough of gotta have it? My mom tells me that it's like when a woman is carrying, and she craves certain foods.

    I go through this sometimes. One time I had to have canned pineapple. Another time it was cheddar cheese. Once I could eat a whole jar of pickles to myself. There was olives.

    Recently, I was addicted to these red hot jawbreakers called Atomic Fireballs - I couldn't stop eating them!!!:eek: I would buy them by the bag and I couldn't see living without them. One day, BAM! I just didn't want them anymore.

    Right now...I didn't even realize it, but here it is: Sunflower seeds!

    I can't stop eating them! My tongue is sore on the tip and I can't stop, hee hee! Someone. Stop. Me. Please!:eek:

    SO WHAT ARE SOME OF THE KICKS YOU'VE BEEN ON...if you've ever had them?:D
  2. Ive been on spitz before. It doesn't end until the whole bag is gone. That's pretty bad - polishing off one of those big bags by myself.

    But I lost weight on Spitz! lol.

    Right now I'm loving this DQ ice cream. Just vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. It's unbelievable!

    Aggh, now I want to go buy some spitz, but I'm broke.

    I'm frying up some shrimp right now, that'll do.
  3. Mark, little buddy, I'll email you some seeds...hee hee:p
  4. I once read a book (don't recall the title) that spoke about listening to your body's cravings because usually it indicates that something is missing in your diet that your system needs. It spoke about how infants/ toddlers go through stages and sometimes will eat a lot of certain foods, but then will go through periods of rejecting favorite foods, and this book claimed that even at that young of an age the infant's body is eating what it needs.

    I read the book when I was very young and I don't recall it being based upon any scientific research (although it may have)....... but in my own life I have found this to be true to some small extent. For example, once my morning sickness from this past pregnancy had subsided, I found myself suddenly craving hamburgers. I couldn't get enough of them. I was eating them for lunch and dinner. Ironically, when I had a blood test at the doctor my iron levels were low-- just below the normal range. I have never had low iron in all my life and at the time I was also taking a prenatal vitamin with iron in it, but for some odd reason I had low a low iron level -- and as you know, beef contains iron (although a hamburger is certainly not the best source of iron :p). Anyhow, that is just one example.

    Sometimes my body craves water and I will drink it to no end. If I eat a greasy, dense protein then suddenly I find myself needing something sugary. (My mom is the same way.) Too much sugar and suddenly I crave salt. Every now and then I get a craving for those spicy pork rinds.

    I better stop listing my cravings...... I've already been called a fatty by one member of this forum. :D
  5. I some times crave mexican candy. Now that we moved to NC though its pretty imposable to find it. Once when I was pregnant with my daughter I craved sushi, which of couse most sushi is not safe for pregnant women to eat. I just had some califonia rolls. :eek:
  6. This is great, you guys!:D

    The spicy pork rinds thing...oh, man! I went through that one back in college. I was poor, oh it was rough! But every time I'd get some extra spending cash, I'd run out and buy some of those bad boys! Whooo!

    I can't stand them today, they're way too hot. And I've tried to eat Atomic Fireballs here just recently and I can't keep it in my mouth long enough to enjoy it, my eyes were watering!:eek: But back when I first came in the forum, I was crunching on those things like they were nothing at all.:eek:

    I know what you mean - I sometimes think our bodies send us signals on what is needed and our minds react to those by demanding certain foods. I saw my doctor last night in the grocery store and mentioned this to him just out of curiosity. I told him how I was craving sunflower seeds very badly. He asked if I'd been exercising as much as I used to. Yes, I have. When I exercise, I sweat...a lot. He said with the temperatures soaring like they've been, we lose a lot of our body salt through sweat. He suggested upping my take of electrolytes rather than chawing on sunflower seeds.

    But that's the thing. It has to be sunflower seeds. Cracking them open. Chewing on the little seed inside. It can't be a bottle of gatorade. It can't be pickles or some salty fries. It can't be a salt-lick. It has to be sunflower seeds. No options. I have to have them. Now.:eek:

    I feel the shapes of a story here somewhere...hmmm.:rolleyes:
  7. He he , I remember that .
  8. Mark .... What is spitz ? I don't get out too much ..... He he.
  9. Dusty you're just too funny and cute!:p
  10. Hey Mark .... You gonna DQ something different ?.... I love Breyers mint chocolate chip.
  11. Why .... What did I do ?
  12. Spitz are sunflower seeds.:) It's a brand, actually.
  13. Oh Ok thanks..... So that's why you see the baseball players spitting ... it's the spitz ..... he he :D:D:D

    Personally , I like my sunflower seeds out of the shell.... Lazy :eek:
  14. Cracking them is half the fun!:eek:

  15. Speaking of DQ and mint chocolate chip...... did you see the new blizzard flavor that is out? It's the Girl Scout thin mint cookie blizzard. I bet that is gooood. Too bad I have a dairy allergy. Someone here will have to eat a blizzard for me and describe it so that I can live vicariously through your experiences. :p

  16. I don't think I like the idea of raw cookie dough so will let some one else try.:(:(
  17. I've had DQ's Brownie Batter Blizzard.

    Everytime I order it, I get it wrong: Yeah, can I have a bownie bladder buzzard? I mean, a blownie ladder gizzard?

    Those things are awful! I mean they're so good they're awful!:(

    I'm still on my sunflower seeds kick.:)
  18. They use pieces of the real cookies in it, not the dough, so you might like it.
  19. ive fallen in love with pringals, Doritos, Potato chips, Chocolate chips, Pickels, Licorish, Skittals, and
  20. Oh, soccer! Fun! Summerfoods, you gotta love them!

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