Kicked off

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by GodSpeaks, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Kicked off

    I'm getting kicked off tonight and have to sign back in. Then one time it said I do not have permission on this page ( or something like that.) That was after I was posting again and was signed in at that time.
  2. I just put the same thing in the suggestion forum and yes , I have been kicked off twice already and went to submit to a thread and it told me I had no permission .
  3. I didn't know where to put it. I thought this was suggestion forum. I'll have to check this again
  4. Hey, I've been kicked off twice myself and when I tried to log back in I got back in, it look slightly different for a few seconds.
  5. This happened once tonight when I was sending a PM so maybe it has something to do with that too.
  6. I have already sent an email to the (Admin) Jeff, and I am waiting on him to respond. I will keep you all updated.

    God bless,

  7. ok thanks :)
  8. I got a page that was REAL different. It was like some kind of form to fill out but mostly blank. it said
    __________ FORM at the top. I can't remember what it said now.
    I couldnt figure it out so finally just clicked it off.
  9. I was also getting kicked out of the forum a while back.
    Sometimes, to prevent this I click the little check box that says "Remember Me" (I think), but it doesn't always help.
  10. Jeff is looking into what happened. He said that he has not changed anything. So, we will see.

    God bless,

  11. It might be the server having another wack day. The old forum used to do this every now-and-then.

  12. I'm not sure what might have caused this problem. A few others reported problems with the registration page as well.
    The upgrade process I did a few days back might not have been done properly so I've just re-uploaded the files.

    Let me know if it happens again.
  13. Will do thanks Jeff .

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