Kicked off the bus & made to walk home

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  1. Kicked off the bus & made to walk home

    Breastfeeding mum Lauren McKenna told 'put them away or get off' bus |
    She was only breastfeeding...
    I feel that its the only time showing that sort of thing is acceptable as thats what they are made for..
    But everyday I see people with low cut tops all around me and I really dont like it, I feel like I should have the freedom to go somewhere without them being reveled to me, I guess I am old fashion but yeah..
    But anyway, seems the worlds got it back to front :S
  2. Well, she might want to consider investing in a breast pump....

    That way, she could extract the milk at home and then bottle it and carry it around with her everywhere. That's what a lot of women do these days that breastfeed.
  3. Hello :) a question;
    Why should she?? Shes just doing a natural thing and how is it any different at all than wearing a low cut top??
    Thats what bothers me, seems very back to front to me lol.

    God bless
  4. That way, you can avoid having people get mad because she's showing a naked breast. We have a lot of idiots in the world who like to scream about dumb things like that. I mean to me, it's like - 'so what?'. For goodness sake, everybody's seen a breast before so it's not like you can have a heart attack over it. She was feeding her child not starring in a porno.

  5. Last night a spokesman for Stagecoach Manchester said: 'We fully support mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies.

    There are clear health benefits from breastfeeding and we are more than happy for mothers to do so on our bus services.
    'We have now carried out a thorough review of CCTV footage from our buses based on the information provided to us by the mother concerned, and have also spoken to regular passengers on the route to try and obtain more details about the circumstances involved in this case.
    'While we have identified the customer boarding the service as described, the voice-enabled CCTV footage quite clearly shows that there was no dialogue between the mother and the driver at any point during the journey regarding her decision to breastfeed her baby on board the service.

    Read more: So what really happened to the mother who claimed bus driver ordered her off for breastfeeding? | Mail Online
    seems there are lots of liars about.
  6. like i say do the research.
  7. ...Ech, I don't know who's telling the truth and who's lying. I can't say much because I read it, but the woman appears to be honest.
  8. thats the thing with this life which is lying or are both.???????? can,t trust anybody.
  9. I find it awkward when a woman breast feeds her child in a public place.
    I work at a daycare. One day, maybe 2 summers ago, a mother walks into her child's classroom. Picks up the child, and breastfeeds it right out in the open. Not even discreetly. I felt very uncomfortable.
    Most of the time, babies who are still drinking breast milk, we have the parents make a bottle for them and they bring the bottle in.

    But I do realize that it's a natural thing to do. It just personally makes ME feel uncomfortable and awkward lol.
  10. I know, right? Some woman tried to that in a dental office I was going to. Lol. Awkward.
    And plus, it's never very classy, eh?

  11. Lol, yeah, I know what you mean.

    But I do find it a bit ridiculous that they made this woman get off the bus and walk home. They could have just asked the lady to not do it on the bus. It may have been fine if she hid the baby behind a blanket while breastfeeding, so it wouldn't be MORE awkward. But yeah.
  12. The woman claims she did hide her baby when she was feeding, but knowing the news and people, I'm not sure if we'll ever get the complete story...

  13. Ah okay! Yeah, I didn't read the article lol. Maybe I should since I am now participating in this thread! :)
  14. I don't remember what public place I was at but remember seeing a woman with a baby. Later she put a small blanket covering the whole front of her. Then I figured out she was feeding the baby. A few minutes later her and baby as at the first. There was no reason she couldn't feed it doing it that way, since she was covered the whole time. I guess someone needs to teach other mothers to do it that way.

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