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  1. Hello, I am Jutta from Berlin, Germany. I am a former member of the LDS cult and now on the search to speak with people of different belief.

    I am more than 60 years old (you can say "granny" to me); and I'm practices a nature religion (called Wicca). I was in many churches where I had problems because of my identity. Because even if I am a woman now, I was born as a boy. So I was transsexual.

    Does it shock you?

    No mistakes or waste makes God therefore there must be a reason why my soul was different from my body.

    What do you think about this?
  2. Nope….a lot of in Thailand… and good looking though : )

    I more “shock” on the nature religion : )
  3. Why? In your Country they have a lot of "nature religions". BTW, I'm a Wicca.
  4. Ah ok, so you use logical reasoning as well then to know where am from : )

    Am not from Thailand : ) just been there….

    Wicca, I made a quick browse in wikipedia…..

    A modern witchcraft religion?
  5. just wondering, do you believe in Jesus Christ, his teachings, his life, death and resurrection?
  6. Yep, but not a satanic Religion, as some Folks believe. Because we don't believe in a satan, or a hell, but we believe, that we can make our own hell by wrong decisions.

    I'm a Wicca, and interesting in talking about other religions, including Christianity. I have a deep respect for Christians, but I have a lot of Problems with a Special sort of orthodox Christians.
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    As I see it, Christianity is a personal relationship with a person and God….


    No need to ask what other people think, praise, or acceptance…..

    Man since ancient times is looking for the way, the truth and the life….

    We found it in the teachings, life and death of Jesus Christ.

    That is the good news, the gospel.

    We are happy with the good news, : precisely you will unlikely see a Christian asking “What do you think of me with Christianity? : )

    Now, being sure, secured, a person can does can become boastful….judgemental…..
  8. Welcome to our community Jutta. Since you are not saved, you can expect some friendly discussions from us about Jesus and the salvation process. Please don't feel offended in anyway. Plus it's our duty as Christians to share our faith with everyone. Hope you like it here.
  9. As Long as I am not condemned of my former transsexualism, my faith or my sexual orientation (I'm a Lesbian) by members; and everyone respectfully handles each other, I am pleased to respond to topics here.
  10. Hi Mike,

    nice to meet you here. Which church do you belong to?
  11. I am a Christian.
  12. I know. But, are you a Methodist, a Baptist or a Pentacostal for example?
  13. I do not know what I shall say to it. Perhaps the European way to live a faith is different than the American way?
  14. Hi, welcome.

    Your sex and belief is a discussion for another time ;). I am more interested in hearing to what degree do you accept and approve of the teachings of Jesus?
  15. I am not sure I understand?
  16. I have read many books next to the Bible. Under this also books which consider Jesus Christ a Christen differently. For me a certain picture has developed from this.
    Historical Jesus has to be affirmed and honored absolutely, he was far ahead of his time anyway. I have, however, problems with Jesus as a son of God. And why want I to say to you also.
    Where a man was everywhere in history of religion, described as Erlöser etc.; he always had the same qualities and historical backgrounds:
    Born by a Virgin
    Had Disciples
    Taught revolutionary doctrines in his time
    Died a violent death at the cross or something else.
    Identical, on Horus, Mithras, Krishna; or as all of them were called.
    For me Jesus Christ is an outstanding person but not the son of God.

    I know that many cannot understand this here in the forum. They could because of my statement verbally attack and sentence me because of this perhaps; but this is the result of my researches.
  17. I think with that that the understanding of the Bible and life of traditions, is different in the USA and Europe.
    An example:
    It is normal for Christian in the USA to have a camp for Christian teenagers where they are indoctrinated. I think of the documentary movie "Jesus Camp" there. Something like that would be unthinkable in Europe. Even the Roman Catholic Pius Brotherhood would not do something like that! And these are politically very close to the tea party of the Republicans.
  18. can you give an example why he was far ahead of his time?

    why i ask, am interested in your point of view.....
    given that i am biased, i continue to be overwhelmed with his teachings....

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