Justin Bieber Arrested

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  1. I see that Justin Bieber has been arrested in Miami beach, Florida for drag racing and being under the influence. I like his music but not him. What do you guys think?
  2. I've only seen headlines -- I haven't read any of the stories yet. I'm not surprised based on his poor choices and attitude he's shown over the past few years; from spitting on his fans to cancelling shows out of brattiness, to visiting brothels in Brazil, to egging neighbors homes, etc.

    I can't stand the guy, but he should be prayed for because he's really gone down hill.

  3. I know what you mean. I believe he needs this time in jail to realize what he did, and change his ways all the way. If he does , my opinion may , and I say may because all he's done was be a butthead because of the fame. And I don't want his "Beliebers " to defend what he's doing is okay. And yes, I'm a Belieber too. But that's beside the point.
  4. I think it's odd that people have a preoccupation with celebrities. Many young people got Busted for DUIs the same day he did. Big whoop!

    ;-) just my opinion ;-)
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  5. Justin Bieber needs to give up his life of self gratification and glorifying the flesh and come and serve Jesus and stop serving Satan. Sorry guyz, it' s the truth anyway..Amen
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  6. Wish he would repent and accept Christ as Lord and Savior!! His downhill path is not surprise..
  7. Guys, we can say that we want him to turn his life over to God, but, he won't. He's rich and a brat. Hate to say that, but it's true. His manager Scotter Braun should have taken him away from all this and put him on some deserted island like Gilligan and the Skipper and all the rest did. That way he will think about what he did and maybe, just MAYBE he will change his life around.
  8. Amen!! We were all sinners once...Once Jesus gets in your heart and mind he can use you to try and reach yo
  9. Not to be critical, but that is what we have to hope for! Pray for people like him and hope they will accept the Lord.. Just like Saint Paul.. He was searching and killing people.. Look what Christ did with him :)
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  10. Many have walked in his shoes and been saved. He is a professing Christian tho his fruit suggests otherwise. All will be revealed I suppose....

    I may get flagged or criticized for this but what do you guys think about the Mk ultra mind control conspiracy theory ?
  11. I don't think I've ever heard of it. What is it?
  12. It's a conspiracy theory involving Hollywood stars (many child-stars turned hot mess) and CIA mind control. Google it! It may or may not be happening...I believe some of it but remain skeptical-- I tend to get carried away with conspiracy theories which can affect my walk with Jesus so I try and keep it to a minimum. Which is tough because I am very curious about what's really going on ya know ?
  13. I don' t know whatever that is...As long as I know " Greater is HE which is in you then HE ( Satan) which is of the world" I' m not concerned...
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  14. I heard Justin turned himself into the Toronto police. So, hopefully he will seek the help he so desperately needs, and change his ways.
  15. I have no real interest in these entertainers who are interested only in making lots of money and seeing how rebellious they can get by seeking attention. They all need to Repent and ask The Lord to help them overcome this temporal life they are leading.
  16. One of the problems with Child stars is that their entire life is controlled. What they eat, where they go. how they dress, the image they must present (physically, socially, politically)...its no wonder so many of them go to the other extreme as soon as they are free. Pray for this boy...he knows not what he is doing.
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  17. Actually, We Christians should not be " Keeping" up with what these "Stars" are doing. How they dress, who they date, who they marry and divorce, etc. We need to pray for them. Because as Christians what is more important? Being Rich and famous, and playing Satan' s games? Or being spiritually minded, and doing all we can to witness to others and making certain we are walking godly before The Lord?!
  18. I know this doesnt matter me saying this , but i am officially done with this kid. I am gonna get rid of my cds that i have of him. And on my ipod if i have anything. He got caught with pot on a plane recently and it was the straw that broke the camels back. Screw this kid. I am done for good with him.
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  19. Great and Wise decision!
  20. I will be back here on Friday AM....Have a new thread which sort of relates to this, and hopefully people can see the wisdom of it. It is from your Bible....God Bless

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