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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by eileen rose, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. I am just starting out on this forum and hope to get to know it further.
    I hope to understand further the depths of Jesus's gift to us (his saving us) and what that means in the modern age (of concepts).
  2. I've been studying Acts recently, diving further into the story of the first christians. I have had some doubts on referencing myself as a Christian, only because it means different things to different people. I suspect I feel boxed in (with the lack of meaning, it evokes now).

    I also just lost my Esword program (the computer I use is someone else's), so I can't always immediately find what I am looking for. For example, I am interested in what people thought the holy spirit was back in that time (right when it first appeared). Quotes anyone?

  3. I like the part (I am using 'The message', as my biblical source....as it is easy to follow) about when people just began to reference followers of Jesus as 'christian'. Christ, means the annoited one. As in 'God appointed' to rule over mankind (in my estamination of what that means).

    In today's world, it can mean someone who is following a priest, for example, and not Jesus.
    so it has got a looser definition, in that sense.

    Not that it means necessarily, that someone isn't following Jesus.
    But it can.

    I guess the really big thing I've noted in recent times, is that following Jesus is usually meant following the religion, of christianity (of which there are several).

    For myself, that just didn't cut it.
    Following inner guidance from the holy spirit, means following what your heart says and not your mind. Which can lead you away from certain Church activities (like attendance). But it is a fine line, to say one needs to attend Church, in order to follow Jesus, or leave, in fact.

    I don't think it is an idea that needs looking at, until someone does feel like leaving. Then it becomes...urgent.

    ps. sorry for the misspellings today (no time to research proper spelling).
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  4. Welcome! Be sure to read the rules: http://www.christianforumsite.com/threads/forum-rules.29546/

    Welcome to the site! :D
  5. Some people don't like to use the word "Chistian" to define themselves, and that's fine. I find that a lot of people use it simply mean they're not Jewish or Hundu rather than a follower of Christ. You could say you're a "Prisoner of Christ" like Paul :)

    So I use TheWord.net ... which is free (y)
  6. There are as I call 'lay' Christians and 'Christ's' Christians.
    One group is a serious follower who eats, sleeps and breaths Jesus; the other just plays at it.
    That's not to sound harsh or arrogant; this is the groups of people that divides Christianity.

    Welcome to the site by the way. :)
  7. Hey howdy and welcome.

    Acts is a great book. I also have been reading/studying it. I like to read the bible very, very slow, and sometimes aloud. I also read the same passages from several different translations. When I'm online, I use www.biblegateway.com or www.biblestudytools.com and they are free.

    Anywho, I'm glad you could join us, and I hope and pray it will be fruitful for everyone.
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  8. I don't see a clear cut way to tell if someone is following Jesus (via, according to some scriptures, the holy spirit).
    Luckily, Jesus knows.
  9. I'll check it out. Thanks (re: theword.net).

    Esword is a very special program, in that it allowed me to download onto my computer, many versions of the bible, many versions of explanation, and an array of dictionaries, all for free (I didn't choose to pay for newer editions/writers).
    I highly recommend it. I figure this loss, is just another avenue for me to keep finding new ways to see God's word (i.e. losing the program due to someone erasing it).
  10. That's the point.
    It's a ministers view point, however only God can judge.
  11. Hi Eileen, welcome to the forum. My name is Sharon. You can find a link to download Esword for free on our bookshop page www.christianbacktobasics.com/shop.html xx
  12. Thanks for the welcome and kind words ...
    Feel very welcome indeed.

    I posted a question (what is the holy spirit?) in my first posts and the answer I get (for myself) is that is a gift from God. It is God's spirit directing us.

    It is a little different viewpoint (that I began with). I just accepted there was a holy spirit/ghost, but didn't truly understand much more than that.

    The Acts chapter got me thinking/going about it further.

    It is interesting that prior to Jesus ascending to heaven, we did not have a way for God to direct us individually. We followed (if we were following God's laws/covenants) rules, instead.

    While following rules is what was needed then, God (it seems) felt we needed more input.

    I definitely need God's hand myself.

    Life seems more complicated than ever. It becomes more obvious over time, that we (I), have a sinful nature. As if everything I get drawn too, ends up being corrupted by evil, if I am not watchful.

    Like drinking, a few drinks doesn't harm the physical body, but loads of it does (as I can attest too).

    So when do you know when to stop?

    The holy spirit directs you.

    At least that is how it functions for me.

    The rule 'don't drink' that my parents followed (taught to them from an early age at their local church), didn't make any sense to me. I saw everyone I knew drinking and felt I was making people wrong for drinking. Rather than tell them they were wrong, I began to drink myself. Not that I was a dedicated drinker, just an occasional one.

    I drank off and on for 15 years till it didn't seem that interesting too me and I stopped.

    Now, 14 years later, I can attest that all that drinking caused some physical damage (I am detoxing my wine years currently). It seemed like so little, and I was only worried about over drinking, rather than, seeing my body would eventually pay a price for my indulgence.

    Just one example of many.
  13. Welcome! Blessings! Glad to see you here!
  14. Welcome eileen rose,
    Well you have come to great place to learn and gain understanding and find some wonderful friends as well. OBTW...sure do like your avatar
    Have a great day

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