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  1. Just Sex

    Hey Don,
    I found this one in my archive tonight. I added the last sentence tonight.

    Just Sex

    Why is it that sex is a difficult subject for people to talk about? Is it embarrassing? Is it taboo?

    Can you remember your first official sex talk? The one your parents had with you about the birds and the bees? I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my mom and dad. Spaghetti was on the menu that night. I believe I was twelve years old. Here I am at the age of forty four. The world has brought an education to me in regards to sex and relationships.

    We are all human. We all have a physical need within us that craves to be fulfilled. How wonderful that first kiss was years ago. I believe I was in the eighth grade. Do you remember your first kiss and how your lips tingled? Did you see stars? Through the years of going from a young teen to an adult, one may have different physical experiences.

    There is one common dominator we all long for and that is to be loved. We yearn to find our soul mate in life. The one we can share all with including total intimacy. In seeking this soul mate, we may find ourselves giving our whole self to another. I personally feel when a woman gives herself to a man; she gives a piece of herself and her heart. As for men, I can remember my father always telling me and warning me about men. He told me for men sex was on the mind 24/7.

    Have you ever thought you were in love with someone? Did you find yourself giving your whole self including total intimacy yet still felt unsatisfied in the relationship? Was there something missing? This my friends is called Just Sex.

    I have learned through my friend Sue that one should treasure their self. We are given one body while we are here on earth and we must treasure that one body. Why should we give it to others to abuse and enjoy?

    In seeking our inner self and who we are and what we want, we need to guard our heart and our body. I am not telling you to build a wall and not let anyone in to your inner emotional world. What I am saying is take time in life. Take time for you. It has been often said in order to love another, you must love yourself first. Do you love yourself? Do you know who you are? Do you know what you want in life?

    I encourage you to find who you are. Once you find who you are, you will no longer find yourselves in relationships that offer Just Sex. If you learn to love yourself and become to know who you are and what you are worth, you will find you are priceless. No one will be able to steal your joy. No one will be able to steal your heart let alone your body. In discovering to love yourself, you will find that you are worth much more than Just Sex.

    Learn to treasure yourself. Learn to love you. Once you accomplish this, you will be ready to discover true intimacy that life has to offer. Through my journey of becoming empowered, I have learned it is better to be alone, than to be in a relationship and still feel alone.

    As the candlelight flickers and you find yourself lying next to one, ask yourself these questions. Do I love me? Do I know who I am? Does this person fulfill more than my physical needs? If you can honestly answer yes to the above three questions, Congratulations! You my friend have passed the Just Sex phase and entered the world of true intimacy! The first and foremost true intimacy comes from the Lord. Once you have that and love him first.. he will open that path for you and your soulmate.

    February 26, 2006

    Wow.. I wrote that almost 2 years ago!!! man time flies! :)
  2. True
  3. Dear Beloved,

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts and encouragement behind the words I wrote from my heart.

    Since writing that back in 2006, I have learned so much ! God is awesome .. It is just recently that I have come to realize that my whole Trust needs to be in the Lord..

    Wow. what a great statement.. and you are so right.. they are powerful words you write.. he knows the true person they are .. not the person they appear to be..

    Oh you are lighting me up tonite.. there is just awesome healing happening within me.. and the Lord is leading me.. it took me 46 years to come to this point.. I don't and will not ever go back to the way of my old life and living on my own understanding and not God's..

    Please pray with me, that God will keep showing me my path, loud and clear, with no distractions within it.. there are some things happening, and may have to make some major life changing decisions.. thanks again for all the awesome friendship here!

  4. God has someone out there for every one of us. If we try to bypass God, and start messing around with someone we shouldn't be with, what will we do when the RIGHT person shows up? I mean, really, if you aren't supposed to marry the person you are with, you are BOTH just messing around with another person's future spouse.
  5. Wow.. what a way to look at it.. ok so the question everyone always ask is how do I find that one that God has out there for me? It is a big wide world out there..

  6. Walk by faith and not by sight trusting and believing that God will direct you steps- this is how we live every aspect of our lives.:)
  7. Thanks... I am learning that....
    Thanks for a great reminder!

    I love this place! :):)

  8. Hi Faithwoman,

    Thank you for sharing, your writing is wonderful.
    I'm almost 49 and I can't remember this, I'm still waiting...
    I do remember my first kiss, awkward and wonderful at the same time.

    How do we find the right one for us? By closing our eyes and let God choose for us (of course it will happen in his perfect timing and not our imperfect timing). It is so true, that you have to love yourself first before you can expect another to love you. We are all precious in his sight. I love what you wrote:

    Thank you for sharing,

  9. Love you sis,
  10. My friend whose 60 something, is very lonely and so much wants a companion... She has made 4 really bad mistakes in the ones she thought she was going to marry... 1 was a pedifile, :(one was a womanizer, :(one was violent, :(the other was controlling and possessive...:( She had hopes again for what appeared to be a nice nieghbor... He was arrested last weekend for threatening to slit the throats of some other nieghbors...:(... She told me I'm leaving it up to Jesus...:D
  11. Sounds like a smart move.
  12. Just sex- yep it is just that until God puts you with that one special person and you become one. Then it is entirely more than just sex and is indeed a true expression of love.
  13. and ya shouldn't be having it until you are one... :):)

    Hindsight is always better..


  14. Yep they say hindsight is 20/20 but of course that only works when you are looking thru Holy Spirit glasses.
  15. May the good Lord give me the strength and may I always be obedient in looking through the spirit glasses and not my glasses. :)

  16. I've had sex. I've even had sex with the woman I was married to.

    Someday...I hope to make love and become one with a wonderful person. That's something I'm not sure I can honestly say I've ever done.
  17. this is a great thread! i've been dreading the day when i have to have that talk with my daughter. she's only 8 now, but i guess i want to be prepared. i never got "the talk". even if i did, i may have still went ahead with learning the hard way with my own mistakes. i want to be able to teach my children to make the right choices and to abstain until marriage without looking/ sounding like a hypocrite. i've changed a lot since before my children were born. i think i'm finally on the right path. i just find it hard to try to tell someone not to do something you've already done. any suggestions?
  18. Personaly I think honesty is best. To show your kids that you are human and make mistakes will not only help you reach them but will avoid the feeling or communication of hypocrisy. I try to show my kids that the mistakes I have made cost me dearly and that the reason I am talking to them about it is that I wish to save them great pain. I also tell them that if I knew then what I know now life would have been much better in many ways. Honesty is best . Anyway that seems to work well for us.
  19. i agree that honesty is always best. that is actually a lil pet peve of mine. i hate being lied to, it makes me feel that the person lying to me thinks i'm stupid, so i wouldn't want someone else to feel that way. but i can't really say that i wish i never made those mistakes because then it would be like saying i wish i never had children. do you know what i mean? i can't say that to my children. of course i wish i would've waited, but then things wouldn't be how they are right now. not that i don't regret waiting... ugh.. see, i don't want to go back and forth with myself when i'm trying to talk to them. it's hard.. i know i probably have a lot of time to think about it, but it's never too soon to be prepared, right? i've always had a problem expressing myself verbally.
  20. I do not believe wishing you had waited is mutually exclusive to loving your kids. It is simple enough to tell them that life would have been much less of a stuggle if you had waited for the appropriate time to have them.

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