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  1. I am 54 y old.. brother in Jesus from India.. where many million idol Gods getting worships.. but i am worshiping true God who send His son to shed blood for my sins.. i was born again.. shepherd to three churches, bible teacher to our Bible college, leader/elder for this ministry where other ministers are working with me in ministry.. I am a tentmaker not joined with any mission but God is making me as a big worker in His kingdom... walking with Jesus from 28 years.. i like to have better fellowship with Doers not preachers. i left the job and dedicated life to serve and work in remote areas which is not my native,.. married 32 y .. living with son, daughter, few grown poor kids in home, wife,. sister..... my goal is to reach more people to present gospel, and to plant churches in new areas, and train and send ministers to fields.. (whole meaning developing the kingdom of God) I NEED ADVISES, GUIDANCE, PRAYERS AND FELLOWSHIP.. Every day we have battle i love to over come by your prayers.. thank you
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  2. Welcome to CFS ChristianBrother
    I knew some brothers in the Lord from India so I have some clue what it's like for you However Sir, Greater is He that is in you then he that's in all that other stuff.

    As you begin to look around the forum I would ask of you sir to please look over the following and familiarize yourself with the following. This will aid in making sure your time here at cfs is a joyful and blessed time.

    1. Forum Policies and Procedures
    2. Topics which May Not be Discussed in the open forum

    Again Welcome my brother to cfs and if you have any issues or questions pertaining to the forum please feel free to pm any moderator or helper and we will do what ever we can to help you.

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  3. Welcome ChristianBrother to cfs! Its good to have you here for fellowship, and please know that we will be adding you to our prayers.
    May the Lord richly Bless you and your family with grace and peace
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  4. Gretings again ChristianBrother

    I quoted the above to ask of you to use either the Bold Feature or different colors and sizes when trying to make a point or something stand out.

    We have had problems with folks using all caps in the past so to solve this problem we ask that no one use all caps.

    Thank you sir and welcome again
  5. Dear sir
    Thank you very much for your welcome
    I am also thanking you to see your encouragement and advise too
    I will try to obey to privacy policy and rules too

    thank you for your knowledge on Indian ministers
    I am sorry to say.. i disagree with 90% indian ministers who are proclaiming prosperity gospel..
    I am sorry and forgive me for this comment
    I am totally dedicated to preach true gospel,.. not prosperity gospel
    i am dedicated and living in very undeveloped areas which is not my native place
    i will give surety (assurance) to admins and you to keep my standard and not to give pain to any person
    pl pray for us.. we have big big vision to reach many..
    God bless you
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  6. Welcome to the site ChristianBrother.
    This is an excellent site for discussing a wide verity of topics; there are some very knowledgeable members who I'm sure you'll get along with.
    I am very pleased you are following the true Lord and not a gathering of other God's. ;)
    I hope to see you around soon.
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  7. Sure sir...
    I need your prayers..
    God blessed me to have three prayer partners groups in three cities to pray for people and our ministry
    we will pray for you
    I like to see developement of fellowship between you and me..
    God bless you sir
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  8. Thank you sir..
    Yes we need your prayers too
    i thank you for your welcome here
    i hope i may get great fellowship with all of you
    pl pray for my vision in gospel missions
    God bless you all
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  9. It is my pleasure.
    I shall pray for your missions. (y)
  10. I am so blessed by your very generous heart, to go to the underdeveloped places and preach the true gospel. In my observation of the Bible and Jesus' ministry, I have come to understand that prosperity in every area of ones life is part of the true gospel. If one is not prospering in every area of their lives, then they are missing out on some things.

    In this world it takes money to get the true gospel out to people, and to get them out of poverty. Jesus was poor (greatist example of a giver) so that we may be rich. And if you go to minister to someone who has no food and no clothes or a roof over their head....and you cannot help provide those things for them, then you are not going to be walking as Jesus walked and taught (matthew 25:35-46)

    Sister Cturtle :)
  11. Welcome!! :D
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  12. Welcome and bless you for the work you do for our Father :)

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