Just got hit hard.

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  1. Just got hit hard.

    With this:
    Recently went through a scripture stage where I had desires to fill my head with His word, on the best day I stayed up for 19 hours or something studyingZ

    But this a new revelation I think god just gave me is what I need to work on to get closer and it all just hit me really hard with extreme passion, the caps are points that need extra extra extra work.
    Sharing with you to give him the Praise for any changes in me you see over the next few months (I am not leaving this forum either)
    Praise God!! ALWAYS.
  2. Cool, the way i read it . this is what God is going to do .

    bookmark this thread and look back on it in a year or so and see what has happened .

    be praying for you on those points .

    Love bless .

  3. Good point, after re-reading it today it does seem like the way it came out, its what He is going to do.
    Didnt realize that till now, thanks.

    Who ever has been praying for my Anxiety; I must report that the last 2 (or more/less) days I have had very little.
    I still get it in one city but thats it.
    I have gone from everytime my phone gets a msg Jumping and having a mini-heart attack to "Oh I got a msg, better look at it"
    and the same with facebook, I used to have a mini-heart attack when I saw I had a new msg, now thats gone too.

    I used to be pretty messed up, I built this fear of phones and other communication - Stupid as but was very real and even the meds I have been on for the last 6 months didnt help. (But they mainly for depression, so not really meant too.)
    Only since I started praying for it and ask you guys to pray as well has it finally gone.

    I wish my anxiety was gone completely but I am so thankful that He took away the stupid parts of it - now I just got to deal with the fear of the city lol.

    Its no longer the worst thing in the world to carry my phone with me and when it rings/msgs I am happy about looking to see who it is..
    That may not seem like much to most of you, but when you have been dealing with this silly fear for about 5 years, you sure are happy that its finally gone.
    At my worst time I took Valium and even Valium wouldn't take it away - Just to get an idea of how bad it really was.
  4. I'm glad you're feeling better :)
  5. When DOUBLE MIND BE GONE came to me in that way, I thought it just meant that it needs to go or 'else'.
    Michael you was right though, it was God saying what was going to change.
    Double mind be gone - Double mind just vanished over night.
    The wording was literally how it was going to happen lol.
    Praise God!!
  6. OOPS

    If I had known messages bother you I wouldnt have sent you that many Private messages! :smiley80:

    I'm so glad you're doing better!
  7. No no Godspeaks:
    I had a fear of contact but that fear was only with people that had the ability to hit me or hurt me in real life.

    But I think that is kinda long gone too, your msgs didnt bother me so dont worry :p
  8. My arm is not that long :p
    Besides I don't hit people
  9. Totally! that's awesome! Praise Him :)
  10. For when you are weak then you are strong!

    here watch my video
  11. Great video. Great music. Great message.
  12. glad that you like them =)
  13. I will soon be seeking some conformation through my church on what God wants; the pastor is very good at walking in the Holy Spirit and he often gets some answers, which I will use for conformation, because I need to get it right.

    When I joined this forum I was a crazy double minded outspoken guy with so much anxiety and confusion.
    My social problems are almost compeltly gone and anxiety has pretty much vanished.
    I am not the person I once was and its all thanks to God.

    I have been praying for God to make me shine in this new job, which is centered around socialness and a sense of humor to make the lives of people with disabilities better..
    and wow, did He make me shine today, it was truly awesome.
    I have been sharing with someone in PM, who said he is blessing you (Or spoiling you)
    and how true, hes blessing me and spoiling me rotten!
    There is something that I have to do, so I need to seek conformation on it now and start embracing it.

    I kinda just want to cry right now, but in a good way :).

    Just gonna use this thread as a "log" now and dairy kinda thing to praise the work God is doing, I hope none of you mind :)
    But feel free to comment on anything you wish.

    God bless you.
  14. .
  15. Thank you my LORD, you just gave me a whole new feeling of comfort, blessings and understanding of where I am heading.
    You drew me that little bit closer, you answered my prayer fast and in a way I really was not expecting.
    I was not expecting this new understanding, but thats how It came.
    At first satan got that little foothold and tried to lead me astray, but I praise you because you are bigger and it didn't take long to be set straight.
    These mind battles are almost over, thanks gos to you again who ripped my mind apart and replaced it with goodness.
    You brought me to a new level, one I have never been at before...
    You are showing me how to be humble in you, but not be a push over, you are showing me the righteous way in everything.
    and although I stumble, that thing that trys to do that fails, because bigger is He that is in me than he who is on this earth.
    Praise the Lord, praise YOU!
  16. amen praise you lord!! Glory to you jesus!!

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