Just Are You

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  1. Just Are You / An Original Work / August 26, 2013

    Based off Revelation 15-16

    Great and marvelous
    Are Your deeds, O God.
    Just and true Your ways,
    King of all the earth.
    Who will not fear You;
    Glorify Your name?
    You are righteousness.
    Praise Your Name!

    Just are You, O Lord,
    Our Eternal ONE,
    For You judge the earth
    In Your righteousness.
    They have shed the blood
    Of Your righteous ones.
    You give their reward.
    They’re to blame!

    Kings of all the earth
    Gather, one accord;
    Make haste to engage
    In a mighty war.
    They oppose the Lord
    And His holy saints.
    They serve wickedness,
    To their shame!

    Jesus comes again,
    To some unforeseen.
    Blessed are those who wait
    For Him at the gate.
    They’ll not be ashamed.
    “Glad” be their refrain.
    When He comes again,
    He’ll remain!



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