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  1. Just about me

    Hi, Ladies!

    My name is Debi and I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling, pastor's wife mom. I've been married 21 years. We've been in ministry for the last 5 years with the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

    I have three daughters, the youngest being 16. Wow! That went by so quickly! The Lord has really blessed us through our years. I thank God that he's given us little problems instead of big problems.

    I'm very active in our church, helping with the kids' club, leading the women's group, and singing on the praise team, not to mention the behind the scenes stuff I can't help myself from doing!

    I like doing free opportunities on the internet to make some extra cash. I've found alot, but have also dropped alot of fruitless ones. What I put in, I get out.

    Thanks for seeing what I'm about! I'm happy to have found this Christian forum. What a great bunch of brothers and sisters here!
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    I'm glad you found us too!!!
  3. Debi, I think that is great that you are still homeschooling your kids even through highschool. Can I be nosy and ask what curriculum you are using? :) My kids are in 6th and 1st grade, but I am always thinking ahead! :p
  4. I have been using a variety of curriculum based on the subject. I narrowed down to my favorites by the time I got to my third child. I used Apologia Science which we've loved! The author speaks in a conversational tone. For math we've stuck with Saxon throughout. For English I went from using Rod & Staff for elementary to using ABeka Grammar for High School. I also used ABeka for Social Studies in high school. I had used Streams of Civilization one year for history which was good, but the second book in the series bored my kids.

    Hope that helps! You can ask me any other questions as well.
  5. Hi Debi, although I am not one of the ladies I still wanted to say hi and welcome to CFS!
  6. Another warm WELCOME to the forum.:welcome:
    I am glad you found us and trust that your visits will be a blessing.
  7. Hi, greetings, and salutations,

    Sound's nice. Homeschooling can be so much fun, and

    rewarding, inspite of the work,

    And of cource most of all, a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So Hi. :welcome::jesus-sign::amen:

    And Praise God, for all His wonderfull glory, Amen.
  8. Hi Debi,
    What is the Christian and Missionary Alliance?

    Unfortunately, this thread starter has not been back to fellowship with CFS members since October 16, 2007.

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