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  1. Hope you dont mind me posting my pic's of what the all mighty GOD has created. Took this last night. You can see some of it's moons as well( Very small )

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  3. Clearskies, I looked at Jupiter night before last with my 10X binoculars. I didn't know what I was looking at at first as I didn't expect to be able to see any other planet's moons with just binoculars. Seeing three moons ruled out Mars and Venus. I figured if it were Saturn I would probably be able to see the rings as well. A little Googling confirmed my suspicion that it was Jupiter. I take it you have a telescope? If so, what magnification was this picture taken with?
  4. Rudely, Yes I do have a telescopes it is a 8" Dobsonian. I used a webcam in the eyepiece of the telescope and took a video of Jupiter and then stack the video, about 250 magnification, that is what the telescope an the webcam give together. With you 10x binoculars you will see Jupiter moons, about 4 off them.
  5. I had a small telescope years ago, but I knocked it out of the third story window I was looking out of the first time I used it :oops: and never got around to replacing it.
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  6. Thanks for that, gave me a good laugh this marring ( hope no one was standing under you )

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