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  1. Great story! You mind if I tell that in my bible study group?
  2. If my memory serves me correctly, that was a rather impacting story related by Author Stephen Covey in his book from the late 80's titled, "Seven habits of Highly Effective People." The story was used to illustrate the term - "Paradigm Shift." A great book and you can pick them up used for about $1 or so plus shipping ($3.75?) at places like abebooks.com. Well worth reading.

    Larry II
  3. Every time I think about Jesus' sacrifice and his burning love towards us, it just makes me cry and heave over with tears. It is so touching. :shepherd:
  4. :D
  5. Thanks for the post.It is my prayer that God will help us to respond to people's need acording to His will at the appropriate time.May we never miss the mind of Christ in responding to people's need.
    Jesus is All in All
  6. When judging, you're making assumptions based on 1) What you are like or have been like and done. 2) What you expect of the world.

    So you're judging based on the evil in your own mind. Rid of those intentions and put them so far from yourself. Then when you judge you give the person the benefit of the doubt, and knowing that when they fall short and do evil things they are likely blind to the wrong they are doing.

    You also don't know a situation 100%, so will not be a very good judge with your limited knowledge.
  7. 1Co 2:15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.
    1Co 2:16 For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

    If we walk with the Master full of His love and understanding we may judge rightly. That is a big if though.
    When Jesus was being nailed to that tree He looked down in love and mercy seeing people in bondage rather than tormentors- His cry" Father forgive them, they know not what they do" is a prime example to us all. Outwardly we may see a spiteful, hateful and hurtful human being- but with spiritual sight we may see a tortured soul, lost, hurt, bleeding from many wounds and hopelessly lost without Christ. Those eyes would see the root of the problem, reach out in love and help this soul get free. Man judges by appearance an outward signs but God sees much deeper than that- so should we- selah.
  8. "If you would test the character of anything, you only need to enquire whether that thing leads you to God or away from God."

    Watchman Nee.

    Thanks for this.
    Jesus is All in All
  9. Violet, this is such an awesome story. I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy, and know what it's like to be judged by others. I can't get a job because people make the assumption that I can't do anything based on how I walk and talk. The positive thing to come out of that is the fact that it keeps me from judging others. The Bible clearly says, "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."

    If someone has already posted this verse, I apologise. I didn't read the entire thread. I saw violet's story and was moved by it. Thanks for sharing.
  10. It seems that most of the "Normal" people in our socialist world are quick to religate anyone with a handicap to a life of charitable existance. Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller proved us all wrong and gave the whole world a major "Paradigm shift" in our misguided perception and expectation of those who are handicapped. I appreciate your fight - don't give up.

    Larry II

  11. Thanks for the kind words. Being judged by others can be a real test of faith at times.
  12. wow.....Thats.....

    To think the pain of the father and the kids. While right now they dont understand but in the later years.....To grow up without a mother would be so painful.

    Thanks for sharing.
  13. Thank you very much for this topic it really has made me open my eyes about other peoples problems!

  14. Sometimes though, our gut tells us about a person. I have mentally set my mind up with thoughts about someone, as times goes by, my thoughts towards the person become true. The stereotype becomes true.

    What I'm talking about is first impression. First impression is what always gets me because if you dislike something about someone, do not give them a chance, you will not like them. Thats what I think.
  15. Peoples problems are another story. I definately have sympathy for people who are struggling. I will respond to it like Jesus would.:)
  16. That is true. It seems like they want to hire the cute girl with the mental problems, and who needs to seek anger management, but the handicapp girl, or the short girl with the sweet personality they do not want to hire, or do not pay attention to.
  17. I ve been guilty myself as well for this very thing and have experienced the other side as well so im just firstly asking for all whom i have offended that they may forgive me and currently am going through great struggle fighting an enemy i cant see please pray for me i pray for you all God bless in Jesus Name
  18. I eed gods help in my life to change my heart most of the time i feel like people have already judged me and made the decision that im not good its hard to live with i love god i love people and pray allthe time that god will bless tjem and save them my heart realy does go out to all who are hurting what hurts most is that beluievers treat me this way
  19. Thanks for your encouraging and caring words violet god bless always and be with you

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