Judging Others~

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  1. Judging Others~

    My brother told me a true story a few years ago.
    I'll remember it as best I can.
    There was a man on a city bus with his three children.
    The children whined, cried, yelled and even ran around.
    The father just stared at them or out the window.
    He never said a word and the other passengers were irritated and mad, even making angry remarks, out loud~
    The man never responded or corrected his children.
    Finally, one individual walked up to him and told him off and rudely asked why he was not disciplining his horribly behaved children.

    The man blankly and meekly answered him.
    He said he was very sorry but that his children were tired, hungry and upset.
    He said they had been at the hospital all day without eating.
    "My wife died today", he said.

    This story has stuck with me for over 10 years and I will never forget it.
    It made such a difference in my life in how I view others.
    We just never know what a person's situation is.
    I personally have been falsely accused and judged and it hurts.

    It's a good story to hold close to the heart, especially as a Christian.
  2. I think you're right, It's hard to do it in your own life. (Well I find it hard), but you're totally right.
  3. It takes practice.
    We are an impatient society.
    Patience and understanding is learned behavior, something we should all think about~
    Blessings to you, LandF
  4. This is pretty amazing! There is a song on the Christian radio station I listen to, I don't know the title but it starts with a story just like this except there is a woman that does not correct her 3 loud children and confronted she remarks that her husband died the night before and the children are just hungry tired and upset. The song goes on about an old man who holds up traffic with his slow driving and when an angry person yells at him through the window at a stop light he just says he is old and sick and it's just hard to drive anymore but his children have forgotten him and he has to get around on his own. The last block of lyrics talks about a man who is hanging on the cross and the people down and next to him are yelling at him and mocking him! It is an awesome song and the first time I heard it I was in my car and I almost had to pull over, I was crying so hard! Every time I hear this song I cry and it has made me think a little before I react anymore!

  5. I would love to hear that song!
    Do you know who sings it?
  6. What a beautiful (and heartbreaking) lesson for us all. I know judging people is something I have to work on. It's very hard for me not to go on my first impressions of people!
  7. it's true, I understand.
    It helps hearing such stories though~
  8. No clue, unfortunately!:eek: Sorry!

  9. I am hoping everyone will read this.
    We all need reminded that we are NOT aware of everyone's individual circumstances!

    There are many obstacles people face that are hidden from our view or knowledge of.
    There are people suffering from losses, depression, other serious illnesses, marital problems, disorders, stressful pressures of life......many things that are not visible to us.

    Never should we judge why a person may be slow, edgy, unattentive, scatterbrained, sad, distant, and so on and so on.
    We just don't know what people are dealing with in their lives!
    I want this story to be meaningful and helpful in all our lives!
  10. I think the story very charismatic and attune to an obedient heart ..

    Judging others is not a dependence, for it is one thing humanity can live without, to do so is a confident socializing .. I feel to judge another in doubt is an inappropriate grip rather that the main reason for doing so is a downfall, rather it makes sense to withstand adversity and being non accusatory judgemental is saintly muscle that this is good opportune within and it relevates on the external .. I honestly feel one must not get a hold of upsets that one must not be divided within to stand up for intimidating another person, that to judge negatively one is going somewhere, that where one is headed with that is destruction of happiness and as well destruction of a much more like familiarity to your relevant faith, that such is not worthy, and the doubtful we need not of, and the doubtful we need not of .. I think we are all ok, but that situations sometimes encourage a discredit, that for reasons of shame one must not take any whatsoever account that as result of things we feel better to accept the considerate ways ..

    These willing souls among me are happier with the unmolested within, that the within is part of the only thing that is assurance possibility in this world of uncertaintee ..

    What do you think ?
  11. I will remember this for the rest of my life. Very touching story, Violet.
  12. Me too, Violet. A vivid illustration like that will stick in my mind and I can refer to it when I feel myself becoming judgmental toward others. You just never really know what another person is going through.
  13. Yes, it is so true, isn't it?!
    If only more people could open up and see this from their hearts!

  14. I thought this was worth bumping up~


  15. My older brother, Bill, is a very kindhearted, thoughtful man. I was riding in his car one day when someone pulled right in front of us and turned left. Instead of road rage, Bill said, "I wonder where he is going so fast? Maybe he has an emergency and we should pray for him." :eek: He totally amazes me.

    Another time, when I'd first moved away on my own to Chicago and had lots to learn, I was at a long stop light and when it turned green, I could hardly contain myself in this long line of traffic. "Why were the people just sitting here when the light had turned green for us and the cars on the road that crossed us just kept going and no one did anything. We just sat there. Well, I laid on my horn and wasn't going to take this lying down.

    Well, we had to sit through the next light and pretty soon, at the end of the traffice crossing us, were two police motor cycles bringing up the rear. It had been a funeral! I just kinda slunk down in my seat and tried to be invisible while everyone was grinning around me. What a fool.
  16. Thanks so much for this!! I thought just now: when we are not judgmental but kind instead to people (who may be going through troubles), we get more chances to witness to them.
  17. Awesome Thread!

    Thanks for sharing

    Sweet Surrender,

    I can just see you now slumping down in the car.. I am sorry.. but I am chucking here...

    I am sure it was not funny for you at the time.. but really I got a chuckle.. great reminder on Judging and patience

  18. Amen. Jesus calls us to love first as love covers a multitude of sins.
  19. Bless your heart, Bonnie

    That does remind me of a time my Grandpa died and my Aunt was driving hysterically~
    I was 9 but as I got older I always remembered that and to this day when I see someone driving a little panicked, I too pray....

    I always think that maybe THEY just got that dreaded phonecall......

    It's good that we can learn lessons through everyday experiences and especially through the bad times~~
    It certainly does help us to be both more accepting and understanding~

    Patience is a virtue~~:)


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