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Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by sdcougar, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. A great movie about a real Christmas in WWI.

    JOYEUX NOEL,made by a French movie company, is the story of the Christmas truce. 116 minutes. http://tinyurl.com/77asmgm

    Note: Not 'child safe' One 'mild' bedroom scene makes the movie 'R' rated in my book. But there is no profanity nor gross violence.

    Two years ago, my son [college grad] and I watched this while we were snowed in for three days at Christmas. This is the story of the Christmas truce of WWI. Exceptionally well-done, it follows the historical event very welll. Of course, there is always the made up story-line of any movie.

    One of the resources available for the producers was the letters which soldiers wrote to home describing the events. I included several of the letters in my book, Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914, http://tinyurl.com/7qomzzt which reflects on the truce in the light of the Gospel.

    Joyeux Noel may move you to tears. There are excellent clips from it on Youtube and I am amazed how this story has moved many young folks. One of the clips has over three hundred thousand views and hundreds of comments.

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