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    Im just curious to what everyones opinion is on the josh duggar scandal as im sure many christians are fans of theres.. although I dont agree with some of their ways of parenting I do agree with how they revolve their lives around their Christian faith but it seems like Josh has been willingly sinning without conviction however I do believe that God will forgive him if he repents what do yall think??
  2. It is called a scandal because people have an agenda to rip a human being apart. It's not going to work in this family's case.
  3. I never watched the TV show. I caught the media finger pointing hurricane and I thought it was totally wrong headed and didn't belong in the public circus. I'm not excusing the behavior but he was fifteen years old and re-victimizing his sisters was just plain trash and should have been illegal. I thought he got a raw deal. This new thing is a different story. This guy has THE worst luck in the world but I gotta say.....he needed/needs correction, IMO, big time. One might think that after the first circus and the consequences, that he would have done a personal inventory and returned to the Lord. He was "outed" but has since admitted his sins regarding this new thing. That's a step going in the right direction.
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  4. I would be inclined to question the wisdom of anyone who exposes themselves and their family in such a public way. For professing Christians to do that, I find it completely incomprehensible. When a scandal like this comes out, it's extremely dishonouring to the Christian testimony as a whole, and if these people hadn't felt it necessary to make a public exhibition of themselves then the scandal wouldn't've been so public.

    Still... one can't not feel heart sorry for Mr Duggar, whatever mistakes he's made. I hope he knows that there's always a way back. Of course, we can't speculate about God's dealings with an individual soul, but perhaps this is His way to teaching the Duggars (and all of us) a lesson in humility and discretion.
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  6. I think he should be held accountable..what he did wasn't fair to his sisters..

    Its good to repent..but just BC you did that doesn't mean the consequences get negated all the time..

    Remember David's sin with Bathsheba?... Though he repented..he still killed a man...and for that..the Lord took their child.
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    I think Jesus said it best, in John 8:5--...he that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone. I know many a Believer thinks of John 7:53-8:11; as spurious but along with Jewish Feasts explaining these verses I think God left a landmark in Jeremiah to affirm this passage, Proverbs 22:28; 23:10.

    For we see in John 7:2 it is the Feast of Tabernacle, them in John 7:37-39 Jesus speaks on the last day of the Feast. So many scholars question if John 7:53-8:11 is authentic why does it state: And every man when into his own house. John 7:53. Will simply because of the 7 day feast of Tabernacle after this last day the Jews whom stay in their booth/sukkot/tabernacle would have gone home.

    As for the Landmark since i am having all sorts of trouble typing on my smart phone to see what Jesus wrote the first time in the ground just read Jeremiah 17:13. For in John 7:37-39 we see Jesus as the Fountain of Living Water. The second the Lord just wrote down their names.

    Back to the main point save Jesus Christ not one of us has the power to condemn, for we all have sins, Romans 8:34 do we dare to judge a brother or sister in Christ whom God has for-given. We all should earnestly pray for the family that God will help to mend the hurt relationships.

    I know my own faults far to will to stand in judgment of a brother in Christ, so yes Josh sin greatly but thank God we have a BIG GOD, Who so gracious to all us sinners, for as Paul I consider myself the chiefest of all sinners, see Romans 7:13-25 and especially I Timothy 1:15.

    Let us all however learn to take heed were stand lest we fall, I Corinthians 10:12.

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