Jokes About Germans

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  1. I am, so a German I can tell this joke:

    Jesus frequented a hospital. There are a Frenchman, an American, a Scotsman and a German in the hospital. "I can cure all of you if you want", said Jesus. The Frenchman: "I have severe pains in the arm". Jesus touches his arm and the arm is healthy again. The American: "My back is so painfull for me". Jesus touches his back and the American does not have any pains. The Scotsman: "I have stomach ache". Jesus touches his belly and the Scotsman is well again. Jesus then turns round to the German. The German says: Not touches me merely "! I am certified as ill for four weeks "!
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  2. That was funny! It seems maybe laziness is not exclusive to Americans!? :D
  3. I hope that my translation was okay. English isn't my mother tongue.
  4. I'm an ozzie, retired, and complain to my doctor because I can't get a certificate for time off work anymore.
  5. It's not so bad...I followed very well with your English, until the punch line... but I figured it out pretty quickly and nothing was lost! Perhaps another way of saying the last line would have been: Don't touch me! I've got a doctor's certificate that says I'll be sick for another 4 weeks! Funny! :)

    Alas, I only have one "tongue," English. I admire the abilities of those that can speak 2 or more languages!
  6. Thank you for the tip. I like to learn something again and again.
  7. You're welcome. Me too!

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