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  1. Greetings;

    An elderly family lived on a small farm in Canada, just yards away from the North Dakota border - a widow, with her son and a grnadchild.

    And for years, their land had been the subject of a minor dispute between the United States and Canada.

    One day, her son came into her room holding a letter. " I just got some news, Mom, " he said.

    " The government has come to an agreement with the people in Washington. They have decided that our land is really part of the United States. We have the right to approve or disapprove of the agreement. What do you think ? ”

    " What do I think ? " his mother exclaimed, " Sign it! Call them right now and tell them we accept - I don't think I could stand another one of those Canadian winters !”

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  2. That's snow funny
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  3. That's so punny.
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