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  1. John_Jervis

    I'm so glad you're here!
  2. Wow, a post for me? Thanks so much. I appreciate it. :)
  3. Welcome John. You also new?
  4. I was new too in Dec 2005. :p
    Welcome to the community.
  5. i'm confused .......:( well, thats not new since i joined here! so many things to learn :crying_anim:
  6. John, I greet you in the name of Jesus!
    It's so great that you've chosen the CFS!
    You are welcome!!!
  7. Thanks folks! God bless you all!
  8. Sky, Jeff is just a jokester!
    It is HIS forum!!:):dance:
  9. Aww, Jeff, come on! Don't be like that!
  10. Thanks Violet!!!
  11. :D;)
  12. It's been awhile folks, but thank God I'm back! Yahoo! :)
  13. Wow it's been more than a while but welcome back .What took you so long ? :D:D
  14. Hehe, the job that I had before has very limited internet access but now, guess what, I work now in a call center, so everytime there's no calls coming in, I could check the net! Thank God! :)
  15. [​IMG] BACK

    glad you came back to CFS!!!!

  16. Thank you very much!
  17. Welcome back to CFS John! Anyone ever tell you you are a dead ringer for Russel Crowe? LOL!:D
  18. Haha! I get that a lot! :)

    For the others, my avatar is actually Capt. Jack Aubrey which Crowe played for in the movie Master and Commander
  19. Nice to hear you will be around more John.
    I was just reading a few of your posts, you seem very interesting and have keen insight, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Plus, that's great for your waistline!! :D :D

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