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  1. Every time I see an advertisement for Jibo in the corner it's making me want one a little more each time. I would make my Jibo preach the word of God all day. What will you do with your Jibo?

  2. What is this? I will google this later
  3. Yeah just what we need a device that randomly connects to the net and can watch/record what we do :D I think Jibo can jump of the nearest cliff.
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  4. I saw it in the advertisement on the side of the website. I googled it after, so far it seems most folks are skeptical of it.
  5. First I've heard of Jibo.

    If I was to get one, I'd probably get the developer version and see if I can learn anything from it but as you comment, there does seem to be a fair amount of doubt about it at the moment and I'd be waiting to see how others found it in practice before considering a purchase.

    There's that plus there is something else that I you could put in the automation/robotics category that's probably of more interest to me - if I get round to trying to play with anything. That is the Arducopter.

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