Jesus; To live is Christ, to die is gain

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  1. Jesus; To live is Christ, to die is gain

  2. Praise God, That he would sacrifice his one and only son to save all us sinners. We have a second chance because of the love God showed us all.

    We truly have a wonderful Lord!
  3. Blessed are your eyes and your ears!
  4. Those videos are a blessing my friend thanks!
  5. God bless brother :)

  6. Lyrics:

    [INTRO:] No longer a child, a broken toy

    The door was open wide
    I'd never seen that look in daddy's eyes
    Even though i cried
    He wouldn't go away, I screamed inside.

    I try and try, but you wont hear my cries
    I'd never hurt you, but in my soul is agony
    I loved you even through the painful sleepless nights
    I'd never hate you, but how can I ever be free
    Daddy why do you hurt me

    Here I lie alone, nobody can see
    I've never told
    Mother isn't home
    Father's last touch has left me cold

    [CHORUS] (God help me)

    (God speaking)-My little child, I see your pain
    I cry with you every tear you weep.
    I weep with you, I'll never leave you
    Or hurt you, and now I take you in my
    Arms to show you the love you never knew

    God I cling to you
    You can see my pain, you cry with me
    Love I never knew
    In the darkest night, You're here with me

    I try and try, but they wont hear my cries
    I'd never hurt them, but in my soul is agony
    Lord I loved them even through the pain
    I'd never hate them, but how can I ever be free
    God Help Me
  7. Bible Tracts - freely print them yourself or you can order through them,
    we can reach out to a soul for the cost of ink and paper, and go on a door-to-door gospel walk. I used to rubber-band 400 fliers in a day for my business when I had a day off. If one spent a day doing this they could reach out to potentially 400 or more souls for Christ. This is a great ministry that has been under-rated.
    God bless
    Fellowship Tract League - Free Gospel tracts, as the Lord provides
  8. Amen!

    We take no health, wealth, nor prosperity when we go to Jesus, He said not to go back into your house for your coat.
  9. Jesus said we don,t need to die.i believe this,maybe we are removed before our body dies.:)

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