Jesus serving others?

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  1. Sorry for being repetitive but I'm researching the topic for my next Sunday School lesson and I really need your help.

    I wanted to talk about Jesus serving others and how real leadership is all about service.

    I need a clear title for the lesson, is there a specific word for this? Humility is too vague and just calling it service is strange and equivocal, the kids won't understand it.

    I could also include an activity on local charities and how we can follow today Christ's example of service.

    Here's a good article on this subject but I need more:

    Top 7 Bible Verses About Serving Others
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    A true leader is a servant. Scripture actually uses the term "servant-leaders" in the words chosen to denote church leaders. Why not encourage the youth in your class to aspire to become servant-leaders, and give them the correct interpretation of a leader, which is opposed to the ways the world claims a leader is?

    Of course, Jesus is the model of servant-leadership. Here are a couple links to Christian sources about it:
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  3. Wonderful tips Euphemia, thank you!

    I think I'll save these for late february, Lent starts next week and that's going to be the subject for next week's lesson.
  4. Jesus serving others.

    He took no consideration for his own life.
    When they bare false witness, He didn't fight back.
    He loved others more than himself.
    All praise glory and honor be unto God. Amen
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  5. Jesus' greatest act of service is Love. It's the root of everything that He did and does now. Love and forgiveness being walked out consistently is a daily, moment by moment lifestyle. So if you can encourage the kids to walk in love and forgiveness just like Jesus did, then you will be giving them the keys to the kingdom. Basing your teaching off of John 14:21, as the reason why we conform our lives after Jesus wonderful example.

    When we choose to be like Jesus and listen for His voice, we become obedient to His will, and thus are Blessed beyond anything we can imagine for our obedience. Learning to live a lifestyle of love (upon which faith hangs, for faith works by love) opens the door wide to being everything God has called us to be since before the foundation of the world...and is the very heart of The Father. But also teaching that love is Not a doormat, and sometimes is tough (like training a soldier), helping someone by Not rescuing them, but leading them to the cross and Jesus, and trusting in the Word of God and Jesus Himself to cause them to change is also part of the equasion. It's a very fine line, but those accustomed to hearing God's voice (John 10) will be able to discern that line.

    Will be praying for the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you in all you teach.
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  6. A term here in the States is "Service with a Smile".
    This could lead into the attitude one has while serving others. Questions such as:
    Why is service important?
    If you had a servant, what attitude would you like them to have? Why?
    Leaders in democracies are often called "public servants". Why?
    What kind of leader do you want to lead you? One that has a servants attitude or one that orders others around?
    What if no one served anyone else? What would happen?
    Why was it important for Jesus to serve others?

    These are just some of the questions for the students. I'm sure you could find many more. Then let the Spirit lead.
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  7. Role playing is always fun. Each student could play the part of a person in everyday life who serves you in one way or another. For instance, a car mechanic or a teller in a bank. Then have them portray each with a bad attitude, and then in a way they themselves would like to be treated by these people who serve them everyday.
    Scripture to base this on could be the Golden Rule, or the greatest commandment.
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