Jesus' Parable warns the non-believers

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  1. Hey Jay, definitely see the point you are making however I do want to point out that even though the scripture says "without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins", it does not specifically say that's all we need for salvation either.

    I believe however that this topic falls under "once saved always saved" argument which is a banned topic on this site, so I do not wish to discuss. I do however want to point out that the reason people tend to interpret it differently is because of the point I made above.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I think OSAS/Eternal Security is another topic. This parable interpretation seems to focus on 'things that accompany salvation'. Paul warned those who are 'sluggish' in Heb. 6:9-12 but it was a warning for rewards. But in this parable the interpretation given was about it seems to me Works that are required along with Salvation with the Text proof that getting the oil was works. But this would require harmonizing other scriptures that back this up and salvation is only by Faith in Jesus. Its true that repentance is the beginning or a part that helps leads us to faith and the evidence of fruits/works will prove we did have Faith, but it is only Faith that saves us.
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  4. Thanks for clarifying. There are many doctrines that can cause debates, upsetting one another and so on & I understand. The OSAS is a non-negotiable for me so I thank you for the time on this forum but scripture is very clear that it is Jesus who saves and keeps us in his grip. So I will not be able to participate any longer if we cannot discuss this topic. I will respect your rules and wish everyone well.
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  5. Well what ever you decide Brother, I pray you well and that you Always be led by the Spirit of God and stay in victory no matter what our enemy the devil launches in you life.
    God Bless

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