" Jesus loves you" :)

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  1. I have juror duty...i think I already put that as my status update..

    Anyway, I have had juror duty this past week and seems to be going into this week.

    My jury members and I are starting to become a family lol with all the time were spending together.

    Anywho, I'm really thankful for my members, one I a supervisor at Chick-fil- A and always bought everyone sandwiches this past week..

    But he didn't do that today..instead another member took me out to lunch today..she was super sweet
    ...and I'm just thankful..oh yah..

    And as I walked into the court house a lovely ok man told me Jesus loves me..and that made me sooo happy..

    Its weird in all my 4 yrs being saved..ive never heard that said to me..

    Anyway it made me feel warm and fuzzy..and I had a good day today..and I hope you guys are too

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  2. Pancakes, the Lord is calling talking to you both in dreams and in awake life. Hold onto this! :D
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  3. Yes I know . It makes me soooo happy :D
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    It seems to me that God is communicating to you through others. He does that all the time. My experience has been that we are so intent on living life, we just do not hear Him speaking to us.
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  5. You know what major you are right he is speaking through others...

    Anywho my jury duty I over..it was a wonderful experience that I had with even more wonderful people who inspire me to be as kind to others as they were to me
  6. That is very good news. I am glad to here that it was a good experience for you.
  7. God loves you pancakes just as much as He loves Jesus. Think on that. You are just as important as Jesus. Now that's being loved.

    Oh do you have free wi fi in the waiting room or lounge or what ever they call it there. We did and free Coffee too. Man that's like getting double paid. Lol
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  8. Yes, I'm starting to realize that ...
    And we did have free coffee..there was always a fresh pot. :)
  9. Once that becomes as a second nature thought in you, we'll the devil begins to loose ground.

    We had a vending machine with little cups but it was free and oh so many awesome new flavors. I had a stack of cups left over. Lol
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  10. He sure does! :)

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