Jesus King Eternal

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  1. Jesus King Eternal

    "Jesus King Eternal" written by Scott Brenner, and sung by the Young Dong First Church praise and worship team "Tabernacle of David" which is one of the most well known teams in Korea. Scott Brenner and the team is my favourite Korean worship team as you might have already guessed from my avatar and signature :D They usually sing in both English and Korean, but this one's just in Korean. I feel quite lucky to be who I am... Christianity and the Christian music industry's really powerful in Korea, and there are some really awesome worship leaders like this one. Plus, being able to speak English, I'm more than familiar with British/American/Australian worship leaders and teams as well. And being a New Zealand citizen, it's so easy to see the Hillsong team! :D Anyway, enough about myself. Here are the lyrics (in English):

    Verse 1:
    Jesus, King Eternal
    Every knee shall bow at the sound of Your voice
    True desire of the nations, come
    Let all earth receive you now

    Oh Lord you are a consuming fire
    every nation trembles at your word
    as the waters cover all the seas
    Pour your glory upon us now

    Verse 2:
    Jesus, son of righteousness
    You alone are Lord of heaven and earth
    Every stronghold of sin is crushed
    By the power of your word

    Verse 3:
    Jesus, my redeemer
    By your blood, You pardoned the sins of the world
    Love and mercy triumph over
    sin and judgement now
  2. Evryone seems to really be into worshiping- a real delight to see, thanks!

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