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  1. Jesus-is-savior(dot)com

    Has anyone been to Jesus-is-savior (dot) com?

    It was where I first started studying some stuff, but I was searching through their database - I have to say - are they against everything?

    There is nothing wrong with being aware of the evils of this World, but, some of the things they posted were a bit "out of it".

  2. I wasn’t even able to get on the site. I went through google and was able to get to one of their pages, the one about music. And yes, they may be a small group of people who can pick at anything and find something wrong. They may have a lot of truth on there, but with everything else you have to sift through, well… I think there are better sites than that one for finding the truth.

  3. I agree.
    There are some stuff you could label "radical" on there - however, there are some reasonable facts on there but it is not 100% nail-you-in-the-head Truth.
  4. If you are not comfortable do not go there. There are thousands of other Christian sites.
  5. Actually, it wasn't a comfort issue; I was more over surprised at how much stuff they criticized and judged.
  6. I've had this site in my "Favorites" for some time now because I find some of their articles interesting, but they do get carried away with some of the articles they post.
    I just found out that a friend of mine who also has a web site posted a challenge to them, if you are interested in reading it the link is below.
    Challenging false teachings at ""
  7. Thank you, freedom! I agree on what your friend says - they're really contradicting themselves with some stuff.
  8. The sad part is that you can try to correct some people, but will never hear them say, “Hmmmm, I never looked at it that way, you might be right”

    I do believe one can spend too much time looking at sites that have some false teachings looking for the truth. There are so many out there that do speak the truth. When I need something… do I go to the store that might have what I need, or do I go to the store that has what I need and I know exactly where it is? Especially when I don’t know when Jesus is coming back. If I need it… I want it now. I don’t want to look around for it. And I don’t want to try to convince the store owner he should order it for me. There may not be time to waste.
  9. Their article on 9-11 was totally weird. They believe that a bomb was implanted into the World Trade Center and that an airplane didn't blow it up.

    COME ON! They have clearly enough footage to show that THERE WAS an AIRPLANE running into the building. Unless these people are not looking correctly, they've got a show me some die-hard proof to make ME believe THAT statement.

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