Jesus Is Our Savior

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  1. What does it mean that Jesus Christ is our SAVIOR?

    Imagine this scene, you are drowning out in the middle of the sea because you don't know how to swim.

    A large boat comes by and a man sees you struggling in the water.

    Here are several outcomes:
    1. He screams "Hey! Swim to the boat!", but you don't know how to swim, and drown.

    2. He jumps in the water and starts showing you how to swim, you look at him but can't follow his example. You drown.

    3. You look up and see the boat and scream "help!" and he throws you a lifeline. You grab onto it, and he pulls you up onto the boat.

    4. You feel a sudden tug and see that a man is pulling you to the boat. He drags you onto it and dries you off.

    Now, which of these shows the man being a savior?

    1. The man is oblivious that you drowning, and doesn't want to jump in the water/ doesn't have a lifeline. So he just expects you to know what you are doing. Sadly, you don't.

    2. This man is trying to show you how to swim, but it doesn't have any effect on you, because again, you are drowning. Noone is going to go from drowning to backstrokes in an instant. You couldn't even attempt swimming because you were currently drowning.

    3. This requires your own effort, which is hard because you are drowning. It is unlikely that you could get out the words "help!" or even see the boat. Again, you are drowning.

    4. You are drowning, so the only way you could get to the boat was if someone helped you. This is what the man does, he takes you while you are drowning and rescues you.

    Fortunately #4 is exactly how Jesus saves us. We, the drowning, ungodly sinners, are called out of the water into the boat by a simple faith in him. He doesn't expect us to be swimmers, righteous, holy, or fully obedient. He saves us as we are, the sinners who are oblivious to God's love and presence. And the good news is once he rescues us onto the boat, he doesn't kick us off! Why would a man save someone from drowning only to throw them back in the water? You see, God has saved us, and he cares about you and I with a love we cannot comprehend. Once on the boat, he will teach us how to swim so it doesn't happen again, but he would never throw us out at sea. :D
  2. Interesting post. I'll have to give this some thought.
  3. The problem with that scenario is that it's all hypothetical: in the mind and realm of natural man.
    This is how it really plays out:

    "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon
    the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, 'Let there be light': and there
    was light."
  4. I agree with 4. Jesus jumps in and is prepared to grab us Rev 3:20 as soon as we let go of our love for the salt water, sushi, mermaids etc etc Matt 16:24.
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    I think it is number 5. The waves are large and the man knows he will have to give his life to get the drowning person in the boat because there is only time for one to get back in before the next wave. Nevertheless he loves the other so much that he jumps out puts the drowning person in the boat letting his own life be taken.

    But then he raises from the dead because he is perfect.
  6. I think point #4.. But I will slightly modify it.. Just like everyone else did :D

    The man fell into the water and drank too much of water and became unconscious.. A stone is thrown at him to wake him up and make him realize he is drowning.. But he ignores and continues floating in the water denying the fact that he is ultimately going to drown.. And he thinks he can swim in the sea for eternity based on his swimming skills.. Then the rescue boat comes and pulls him out of the water and making him realize that he would have ultimately drown (and I don't know how the rescue boat will make the person realize!) :) Just can't fit that into the story!!
  7. I love it all. Here is my slightly modified version :)

    The man is drowning, and when people notice him drowning, they all jump in to save him. Once they reach the man, they realize they're not as strong of swimmers as they thought. They can't save the man drowning, and they can't even save themselves. So now they're all drowning. Right before everyone is about to drown and die, another man notices everyone drowning. He is a magician. He turns some of them into fish. He makes them a new creation, so that they will never drown again. The others he lets drown, so that the ones that were turned into fish will recognize the mercy that he has shown.
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    So the "magician" turns out t be a respector of persons. I am grateful Jesus has no respect toward my unsaved condition: otherwise He would have cast me away.
  9. What do you mean a respector of persons? The magician is like God, he picks, and chooses who he wants to save.
  10. Only if He is a Calvinist ;)
  11. I don't identify with any denomination, but what's biblical is what's biblical. ;)
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    Of course, those who believe in predestination would make it that the boat was actually a magician in disguise, and...

    You folks have a lot of imagination. You should get together and create a TV series!
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    The "magician" is not only hypothetical, it is imaginary. "My God is real, real in my soul..."; how does that song go...?
  14. This whole thread is hypothetical, and imaginary, lol. The song goes like this "My God is real, real in my soul, for he has washed, and made me whole!"

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