Jesus is not my homeboy.

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  1. Jesus is not my homeboy.

    EDIT: We shouldn't change ourselves when we talk to God. We shouldn't talk to God "formally." (Feels like some people thought I was saying we need to, but this is a whole misunderstanding! God longs to be very close to us. If you call God your "homeboy," then that's your thing. For me, though, I just wouldn't refer to Him as that. But again, that's just me. God just cares about you. "Homeboy" is just a small detail. God doesn't change his love based on certain things. He loves us just because He IS love.

    Jesus is not my homeboy. He's my Savior, my Father. I need to go to him in REVERENCE and not go to him disrespectfully. He is our friend, yes, but he is also our FATHER. He deserves the respect that he deserves!

    God longs to be close to you, but he doesn't long to be disrespected!

  2. I've always wondered how Christians have viewed these shirts before and after I was saved. I thought it was kinda "cool" before I was saved, but now I think I agree with you. I think Jesus needs to be viewed more as a Father that is so cool that he is also our friend. If that makes sense lol
  3. Jesus should also be viewed as a friend. A homeboy isnt somebody who you are acquaintances with, somebody you may talk to one day and not the next. Its somebody that is close to you. Somebody who you talk to everyday, somebody who you feel will always be there to help you when you need it.
    "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."
    Jesus layed down his life for us and nobody has greater love for us than God. So doesn't this make us his friends with Jesus?

    Homeboy isnt a disrespectful word. It actually gives the person a certain degree of respect as a slang term for best friend.
    Jesus is my homeboy as well as my Father and Saviour
  4. Would you call your parent homeboy? It is a disrespectful word. God is our FATHER. And he does want to be close. But he doesn't want to be disrespected!
    Blessings to you!
  5. Yes Jesus is my Father, not my homeboy.
  6. I think one needs to understnd the culture and background behind the slang term before you can judge it. As has been stated homeboy is actally regarded as some one that is close to you and is respecte by you and is cloer then a brother.....true homeboys will die for each other without even thinking about it. They protect each other and carry each others burdens. It is not a disrespectfl term if you really know the background and what it means to the people that use it.
  7. Just a thought... the Bible refer to Jesus as our Saviour and our friend, to God as our Father and to the Holy Spirit as the Councillor. Being a son of God because of what Jesus has done for me through His death and resurrection, makes Jesus like my older brother! And I say this with a lot of respect and reference! Some one I can talk to, some one in whom I can put all my trust and SOME ONE WHO GAVE HIS LIFE FOR ME SO THAT I MIGHT HAVE FELLOWSHIP WITH THE FATHER!
    It is so sad to see how people literally belittle God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I mean we are talking of an Almighty God who spoke the universe into being, we are talking of Jesus who was willing to lay down His life (which He didn't need to do) for an undeserving, ungrateful you and me! I think we need to show more respect in every areas of our life!

    Blessings in Jesus
    Albert Ward
  8. I used to be in a street gang and jailed multiple times. I totally understand the culture and what it means to be a homeboy, and Jesus is not my homeboy. He is much more than that.
  9. how can Jesus be a homeboy,he was lifted up,and said i will draw all men to me.meaning stand up and follow him,not no gang.
  10. I really dont think that was the meaning of it at all.

    Jesus is everything to me He is my life and my an unsaved person they dont yet understsnd that..even newly saved people some times dont understnd that for awhile till they grow in Him some and come to understnd His love for them better.
  11. I've been reading this thread ever since it was started, so I will give my two cents worth of it...

    I believe that God is everything that we know Him to be and more. What is He to you? I believe God fills in the missing parts of us and becomes the things we never had or wanted so much.

    I never really had a father. I don't like my own biological father and don't consider him as my father. God is my father, because He doesn't ridicule me, He doesn't make like I'm dumb as a rock, He doesn't hate the people I love most, and He is most certainly not a low-life who is only interested in getting some money and then bye-bye.

    God is also my friend. He is my friend because when I had no one else to turn to, He was there. He was the one who gave my grandmother, my dog, my birds, and my cat. He is the one who gave my music and colors and drawing and dance and horses and all the things I love. His is all these things and more.

    We all have different viewpoints on certain subjects. I won't say what I believe constitutes a 'homeboy' because my interpretation might not be what someone else believes it to be. Everyone has a different idea of what a certain person or thing is and that is fine because it is their personal opinion. I also cannot talk about what a homeboy is because I never considered anyone that type, so it would be rather irrelevant for me to say so if I know nothing about the subject.

    Whatever God is to you is what you believe. No one can change that or tell you otherwise. God is a Friend, a Father, a Lord, a great power, but He is also someone we can trust and come to. Our parents are the same way. We respect our parents but we also look at them as friends, as family. God is family. We are His children. He loves us. He is always there for us when someone kicks us in the shins or punches us in the guts. When people ditch you, God's always there to help you. When your life turns nasty, God is always there to listen to your prayers.
  12. yes i would. and they wouldnt think twice about it. I actually just called me dad "bruh" yesterday and we just kept going in the conversation like I said "dad" or "sir"
    just because you respect and love someone doesnt mean you have to be formal with them and not being formal with them doesnt make you disrespectful
  13. Question...what the heck is a "homeboy!??"
    I guess it must be my southern roots to not be familiar with that recon?? me it sounds disrespectful.
  14. I have to agree wit NearertoGod and FindingAway I also call Jesus" PAPA J" HE still loves me and respects me. I think you can call HIM what ever you want to just DON"T reject HIM or HE is going to reject you back to the Father God. " I never knew you" Jesus goes by many names that have utmost respect. I won't try to name then but you know what they are, you have seen them through out the times. God answers to many many names. homeboy is just a modern slang name. I even call Jesus when I feel comfortable "Hey Bro" and i start conversing with HIM. Trust me HE is listening. HE knows where your heart is.
    That's my 2 peppers.

    Chili out
  15. ^I don't think I was saying that we had to be formal with God. :). But we need to just respect God. And I know not everyone is going to agree with me, which is fine! We all have different opinions. I wouldn't call my parents "bruh" or something, but that's just me. I wouldn't call God "bruh" either.

    I feel that we should talk to God in a friendly matter, but not disrespectful. And I just find the term "homeboy" is just wrong. Someone who bled on the cross because he loved us so much is not my homeboy. :)
    Have a great Christmas!
  16. And another thing. I'm not saying to change yourself when you talk to God. I think when we are being formal with God (ex. referring to him as "sir" or whatever), I think it's just not real. You aren't being real with God. I mean, I speak to God like I do with everyone. But I don't just call him "homeboy" or anything :p. It's just not polite, in my opinion. :) :)
  17. It's a city slang for" brother" or best friend. The gangs came up with it in L.A It is not disrespect to another but a respect. OOO you country gals.
    Like I would call you Hey homepeach because your from GA. it goes with the area.

    Chili out

    ps. You call me Chilidawg!! or chiliburger. it is not disrespectful but an honor to have that title out of respect from another. That is how I look at it.
  18. I call Jesus..Jesus and God either Father or just God..He loves me no matter what name I call there!!!!
  19. Lol, of course he loves you no matter what! His love never changes. :) :)
  20. Okie dokie "my" Chilidawg..heheheeeeee....well you call me, "puppy." :)

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