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  1. Hi all. will you please read the following article at
    it shows you all where we are now prophetically! The time has finally come! The Kingdom of God is at hand! Indeed!

    Maranatha! The Lord comes quickly! Even so, come Lord Jesus!
  2. The article at your link predicts it will happen in 2015 - so not long before it will be added to this list of unfulfilled predictions:

    1829 George Rapp
    1844 William Miller
    1874 Charles Russell
    1914 Jehovah's Witnesses
    1930 Rudolph Steiner
    1975 Herbert Armstrong
    1981 Bill Maupin
    1982 Benjamin Creme
    1994 Harold Camping
    1999 Nostrodamus
    2007 Paul Sides
    2008 Mark Blitz
    2009 Jerry Falwell

    2011 Harold Camping
    2012 Jack Van Impe
  3. Seems to me there was somebody predicting The End in Oct. or Nov. 1988. I can't remember the name, probably because he lost credibility after that. His prediction also was based on Jewish festivals and holy days. Richard Nixon was also considered to be Antichrist by many, some of whom used a numbering system for his name to equal 666. Scripture admonishes us to be ready at all times for His coming, since we don't know when that will be. We should be continually at His work, the more so because we have no guarantee of tomorrow.

    It is, of course, quite possible we are entering the Tribulation and that Jesus will return sometime between now and 2015, but having been through this drill before, I remain quite skeptical. What I do know from Scripture is that I am to be continually doing His work, redeeming the time, making the most of my opportunities, and being on guard against the machinations of the Enemy and evil men and my own weaknesses. If Jesus does return in 2015, I will naturally rejoice, but in the meantime I have work to do. If He delays, I will work until my last breath, and then I will see Him when He takes me home.
  4. Rumely
    I remember there was someone who wrote a book 88 reason why Jesus is coming back in '88. There always someone who thinks they have received this great revelation.

    But its not 'revelation' from God if it contradicts His Word and we should check our 'insights' and views according to it. The Spirit and the Word agree, they NEVER contradict. Jesus said even He didn't know when. Matthew and Mark both say:

    Matthew 24:36
    But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
    Mark 13:32
    But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

    So He is not going to let us be able to figure out exactly when He will return. We can know the season though, and that the time is near by so much prophesy that has been fulfilled. It is definately the last of the last days. One reason He doesn't want us to know is many would forget him until a few hours before He comes to get right with Him. They don't want the Lord they just don't want to end up in hell. He wants us to come to Him because we want a close relationship, we want to truly know Him and all the wonderful things of the kingdom of God! And when we know Him of course we will go and be with Him forever.
  5. Amen! Yes, We have to Truly Love GOD! HE knows The Heart. Sign's of HIS Coming are Increasing WorldWide Everyday... (SOON And VERY SOON) Amen!
    "But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man."Luke 21:36
  6. Those texts make it clear don't they? Nobody knows and they cannot know.

    Is there a bible text where Jesus makes this observation, or is it just a feeling you have?
  7. As a matter of fact, the Bible teaches that "The Budding Of The Fig Tree" thrust the world into the end of days. The fig tree is identified by the State of Israel,
    and it came into existence on May 14th 1948. The lunar tetrads as heavenly signs speak for themselves. As a consequence of this, all the dates set before the revival of Israel did not make sense.

    According to Jesus the generation which saw the budding of the fig tree or the rebirth of the State of Israel which took place in 1948, will witness his second coming. Time is running out. We must prepare our heart for his soon coming today, because the time has finally come. indeed!

  8. Yes, we may know the season, but not the exact date.

    If God did not and has not revealed it to His Son, then there is absolutely NO WAY it will be revealed to us.
  9. In Matthew 24:32-34 Jesus says that people alive when the fig tree buds will know that "he is near", but how do we know that May 14th 1948 is the day the fig tree budded? I can see why some people might think that way, but it's not what Jesus actually said, is it? Sure, we can try to interpret his words, but there is no way to know whether or not the interpretations are correct.

    It is worth remembering, too, that the people who were alive on that day in 1948 are now at least 62 years old and in a few decades they will all be dead. It seems to me that time is running out ... for the prediction, and, like so many earlier predictions, it is destined to be proven false.
  10. And this is why I focus more on occupying until He comes. Throughout history there have been evil men, deceivers, false prophets, wars, pestilence, famine, political unrest, religious and ethnic persecution. Many have already died martyrs' deaths. While we wait for The Antichrist to be revealed, many antichrists are already at work. While we wait to see the Great Tribulation revealed, tribulation abounds in the world. Our job is to be ever on the alert, keeping about our business. Should we be the favored ones to be alive on Earth when He returns, we will throw down our shovels and throw up our hands and shout, "Hallelujah!"
  11. Yes Rumely
    We are to be about out Father's business doing what He has called each of us to do and not be slack. But at the same time that we are serving the Lord and ministering to others, we keep our eyes on Jesus, watching for Him, keeping ourselves in the love of Christ and walking in the Spirit in all we do. Whether tomorrow or in 20 years, it would be so glorious to be alive when he returns!
  12. That's just the way our human nature can be .
  13. I got caught up in the "dates and predictions" for many years when I was young. I learned a valuable lesson and now instead of focusing on predicting the timing of His return (which is impossible to do) I focus on living for Him and pointing others to Him.
    I assure you, Jesus Christ is coming again, but please don't get caught up in trying to predict times and dates. He will come when He comes, in the mean time focus on showing the world God's love. Use what little time we have left to tell others about the free gift of salvation that He offers.
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  14. I agree with Rumely!

    Let us do what God wants us to do with our lives, until our last breath(s).
    NO MAN knows the day or the hour Jesus will return. Not even Jesus Himself knows.
    But the question is.....Will you be ready?
    He could come back in the next two seconds, in the twinkling of an eye.
    But will you be ready?

    Wow, I ask myself this question now, too.
    And emotion overcomes me. I'm in tears because I know that I need to get on my job and stop wasting time.
    I thank God for His mercy and grace because I've strayed and haven't given Him the time He deserves but His mercy endureth FOREVER!!!
    And I want to let Him know I appreciate it.
    Not just because He's coming back, not just because I really do not want to go to hell but because of who He is.
    And what He's done.

    This song gives me chills.
    As, it says "Can't you see, the sign of the times? Don't you know that the time is short?"
    It was made in the 80's but it still holds its conviction and relevance.
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  15. You're right . Too many do get caught up in trying to figure out when the Lord is coming back. And He definately is going to return!
  16. Yes that's the important question, Are you ready if He would come now? Instead if when is He coming. If we are not ready it only takes a minute to repent and ask Him into our lives. We can know Him personally and He can guide us and help us with any problem that arises. That's all that really matters. And if we have fallen short it only takes a second to repent.

    1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
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  17. As I have already observed, Jesus Himself said:
    Which was in reference to the Disciples question:
    Are you or those who generated this website wiser than God?
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  18. Avoid emotional and fanatical people who claim Jesus is coming "soon" and the kingdom is at hand etc. They are fanatical people and violate what Bible teaches that we are not to start setting dates etc.

    Cults set dates and claim "Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming".

    Jesus didn't even know when He was set to return, so no human on Earth has any idea either.

    Jesus is not near to returning at all! It's a long way away and in the meantime Christians should live each day carrying their Crosses and helping the needy and sharing the Gospel.

    Jesus is not near....there are still a lot of things to happen. Every day around the world there are thousands of people being born again and saved. If Jesus had have returned yesterday, that means thousands of people would have been denied the chance to be saved and go to heaven.

    Jesus cannot return as long as there is a single soul who is coming to Christ for salvation. How evil would it be for God to come a day before you were saved! Can you see where I am coming from?

    Jesus will only return when the world has become so evil, like Sodom and Gomorrah was, that not a single person on Earth is coming to Christ anymore for salvation. And this is years and years away, probably decades and maybe centuries.

    For hundreds and hundreds of years, fanatical misled people have been shouting, "the time is close, Jesus is returning in our lifetime, he comes soon, the kingdom is near", but then Jesus did not return and all it achieved was driving people away from Christ and losing faith when they see Jesus never returned.

    Stop being deceptive and fanatical, instead focus each day on helping those in need and share the Gospel with as many as you can, and be thankful that Jesus is not returning soon, because every single day, thousands of new people are added to the kingdom of God. Amen.
  19. How do we reconcile the general belief of the "coming of Christ" with His promise in the following:

    * John 14:18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

    * Matthew 28:20 ... lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

    AND, how did Jesus fulfill His promise of His coming after giving ALL THE SIGNS thereof, and then told His DISCIPLES:

    * Matthew 24:34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

    * Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

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