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  1. I recently accompanied my father to the Hospital and it was an extraordinary experience.

    I live in Portugal and our public health care system is far from brilliant. The medical staff did a good work, may God bless them, but my dad had to wait for a couple of hours in a corridor packed with other patients.

    There was a lot of suffering in that corridor but there was also the presence of GOD. And this is no metaphor, believe me, the presence of JESUS wasn't just real, it was overwhelming. I've never felt anything like it - not even at church.

    This may seem strange to atheists and unbelievers but I actually loved the experience. When I was an unbeliever, I hated going to hospitals but not anymore. Yes, there were patients suffering but there was also JESUS, He never left those people, not even for a second.

    And, of course, where there is JESUS, there is also Love and Charity: in those few hours, I witnessed great acts of charity and the medical staff was wonderful.

    I would love to do some volunteer work at the hospital but I'm not a doctor and I have no idea what to do. Any tips are more than welcome.

    And please pray for the health of my father, may he live a long and healthy life.
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  2. Try talking to them and see what they have in the way of Volunteer work.

    Praying for your dad
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  3. Will keep you and your dad lifted up in prayer.
    God bless you.
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  4. You don't have to be a doctor to be a volunteer at a hospital. Just go and ask if you can come up and distribute books, pray, and sit and talk to the patients. You would be surprised at how many people are in the hospitals that have no one to come up to see them. My mother used to go up and sit and talk to the patients and let them know that Jesus loves them.

    Thank You Jesus for using your Son to minister to the patients in the hospital.
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  5. This is a wonderful post, Flavio! Thank you for sharing and am also praying for your Dad!

    Because of the conditions you shared at the hospital I'm sure they would be open to volunteer help. Please pray what God says who may be prompting you to serve Him there.

    God bless you, Flavio and your family.
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  6. Pleased to pray for your father, Flavio, that his health improves and he gets the help he needs. The Lord surely gave you His heart of compassion moving by His Spirit through you as you looked upon the people in the hospital and felt His presence. Blessings.
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  7. We All should be this way 24/7/365
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  8. Flavio: Hospitals and hospices are always in need of reliable volunteers. The latter can be hard work emotionally, but it is a wonderful ministry to just be a familiar face to those who are stuck in hospital or terminally ill. Hospital staff have little time for the personal touches - they are so busy and often running on bare minimum staff. If you feel a calling to go and help, please pray on it and see if it is for you. Even just try it out for a day or two to see if you want to do it. It is a blessing to give of yourself in this way, and the blessings that come back to you will be tenfold. I do not believe in coincidences - the Lord had you in that hospital feeling what you felt for a reason. How wonderful if it leads to something greater.


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  9. wow

    this is awesome

    what a blessing

    praying for your dad
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  10. What a great experience and what a great blessing you would be to the patients at that hospital. Ask and see where the LORD takes you.
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