Jesus Answers Prayers...Trust Him!

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  1. Hello brothers and sisters;

    Four years ago our church family was praying for the daughter of our Deacon. She was battling an unusual cancer and was painful for Deacon to see his daughter's condition worsen. We always included her in our prayers.

    About the 3rd year I have to confess my personal prayer for Deacon's daughter was becoming "routine". I thank the Lord for nudging my heart and this brought me back to the heart of prayer not only for her, but for everyone battling physical, health and spiritual issues.

    In the 4th year, a major hospital admitted our sister to what they called a "case study" of her type of cancer. This treatment was a prayer of hope and after a time the results were showing signs of the cancer going away.

    During the middle of 2016, the 4th year, Deacon's daughter's cancer went away! Follow up treatment was done just to be sure. This was a major breakthrough in this hospital's case study and today she is completely healed!

    Deacon told us that his daughter has been given a release to go back to work, slowly on a daily basis.

    Matthew 10:1, 1 Jesus called his twelve followers together and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every kind of disease and sickness. - ESV

    During Jesus' missions a large part of His ministry was healing the sick. I know many of us have experienced when God doesn't take away physical illness from our loved ones or ourselves just as God does take away physical illness from our loved ones and ourselves. But this should not deter us from constant prayers or His great healing, nor does healing end with our Lord and Savior. We need to continue praying for the health of others including their salvation.

    It's tough. God knows its tough, so during those times when Jesus calls us to pray for others, we need to encourage each other to respond. The person you're praying for will definitely appreciate your time for them, and the Lord will deliver each one of us so to tell our story and give hope to others. This is my story how God answered the prayer of this man and his precious daughter.
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  2. Amen!!!! Bobinfaith AMEN!!!!
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  3. That's it ! Heart Prayer is Full of Faith when your heart is Full of Him and His Word!!
    Thank You
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  4. God has delivered my mother from Cancer twice. Once while I was in high school and it came 3yrs ago but this time in her kidneys. The cancer was so that radiation and chemo would not work. We all prayed and my mother prayed for healing. My mother claimed it and did not look back. She claimed it and looked at everything she had to do was God's way of healing her. She would tell people "I gave this to God and I know he has healed me" She never said, "He is going to heal me" She prayed claimed it like it happened. And it did!!! On days that was a little tough for her she always thanked God for healing her. When she had the surgery, they took one of her kidneys as the cancer was all over it. To make a long story short, she is cancer free today. Hallelujah!!!! Thank You Jesus for your promises of healing.
  5. God bless your Mom, Godbe4me. I'm sure you're spending good times with her.
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  6. Yes I am. Thank you Jesus. And thank you "Bobinfaith" for a wonderful thread so that everyone can share their stories.
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  7. A few years back my husband and I were part of the church prayer team. One of the ways we served was to stand up front after services (as called forth by the pastors) to pray for people. A woman came up asking prayers for a friend named Tom who was not expected to live as the result of a very serious flu virus. He was in the hospital at the time. She came back the next week to say he was alive and we thanked God together for his continued healing. In time she brought Tom to church and we all prayed together. It was a long road to recovery but he was on it. The story doesn't end here. Three years ago my husband had a brain bleed and was in I.C.U. in the same hospital. In conversations with our nurse we learned that he had been one of Tom's nurses. He said Tom's recovery was really a surprise and witness to God's healing for all on the staff as no one thought he would live. Praising the God who heals. We just never know how far reaching our prayers can go!
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  8. I personally have never had a prayer go unanswered. I know that the Lord listens when our prayers are sincere and when we fully place our trust in Him. When I pray for assistance, as part of the prayer I always thank the Lord for answering the prayer. I believe that it is important to fully trust God to help us, to the point where we thank Him for fulfilling our needs before He has done so. This shows complete faith.

    Like others here I have also witnessed the power of prayer to bring about healing miracles where there has been no hope of survival. Probably most people here have read the book, "Prayer is Good Medicine". The results of these studies speak for themselves - people who are prayed for, even unknown to them, have a significantly higher survival rate than those who are not prayed for. This experiment has been replicated over and over again in many major hospitals with the same results. Prayer is so very powerful that we must also be careful about what it is we are praying for. There have been cases where well-meaning loved ones have prayed for the continued survival of relatives stricken with painful terminal diseases. To prolong suffering is not kind, so before we pray, we should carefully evaluate our true motivations for the request.

    Of late, there have been two cases in my church where prayer has saved the life of a cancer-stricken 4 year old who was not expected to survive, and where another gentleman who had a painful spinal injury was fully cured. The child is now cancer-free and thriving, and the man went off all pain medications in a single day and regained immediate full range of painless movement to his back. Prayer used to be my last resort, now it is the first thing I turn to when in need (yes, I still utilize appropriate and timely concomitant medical assistance for health or mental health issues).

    Just as an aside, my uncle priest introduced me to the Celtic Daily Prayer books with prayers written by devotees from the Northumbria Community during times ranging from 100 to 1600 AD. These prayers are so beautiful and touching, so deep with love and faith, that they often bring me to tears. The love and devotion reaches across the centuries and touches hearts today. I've never been so moved by prayers as I have by these. They are remarkable, and there are prayers for all occasions and situations. I am so blessed that I learned of their existence and procured copies of the two books. I believe that anyone reading them will be as amazed and touched as I was. I felt I had to share this with all of you here so that you too can experience these absolutely incredibly beautiful prayers. Each one of them is a precious jewel to be shared by all. They are an enduring gift given to us from those who loved the Lord with all their heart and mind, and who devoted their lives to the worship of God and to doing his works. What amazes me the most about these prayers is how much they resonate with me nearly 2000 years after they were written. I highly recommend them.
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